• Transition monitors for students with IEPs

    All principals | Deadline: October 15, 2014

    If you have students age 14 or older who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), please email Donnae Bushrod in the Special Education department by Wednesday, October 15, with the name of one staff member who currently works in an administrative capacity and will serve this year as your school-based transition monitor. These monitors ensure that

    • The IEP team process is conducted according to federal and state law and City Schools’ policies and procedures, as outlined in the Special Education Compliance Manual
    • Transition services are a component of the IEP beginning when a student is 14 years old
    • Transition-related requirements regarding notification, participation, content of the IEP, and agency responsibilities are implemented

    The duties of the transition monitor are as follows:

    • Attend quarterly meetings and training sessions during the school year (the first meeting for 2014-15 is scheduled for October 30)
    • Share information with school-based staff
    • Bring staff members' questions and concerns about transition to each of the quarterly meetings
    • Use the Indicator 13 checklist and monitor IEP folders for compliance
    • Send completed weekly checklists to the district office transition specialist by the close of business each Friday
    • Assist in coordinating appropriate transition materials for parents/families
    • Complete an exit document for exiting students

    The transition coordinator and transition specialists in the district's Special Education department provide professional development and training on both a quarterly and as-needed basis to schools.

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