• Title I plans for 2014-15

    Principals at Title I schools | Deadline: Ongoing

    According to federal statute, every Title I school must have an approved Title I plan (schoolwide or targeted assistance) and a parent involvement plan. To reduce the number of plans requiring completion, at City Schools these Title I plans are embedded in School Performance Plans.

    Your Title I point of contact and network staff will be working together to provide support and feedback regarding the Title I components of your School Performance Plan. This year, your Title I point of contact will also be the approver of your Title I plan.

    Please note that approximately 25 percent of Title I plans are reviewed each year by outside auditors to ensure compliance and efficient management of Title I resources. It is essential that principals attend to requested revisions and ensure that School Performance Plans, including Title I components, accurately reflect implementation of the school's federally funded reform agenda.

    For questions and additional information, please contact your Title I point of contact. (See also information posted earlier on the Title I Parent Involvement Spending Plan.)

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