• A message from Dr. Thornton about the Leadership Action Update

    All leaders

    Dear City Schools Principals, Assistant Principals, and District Office Leaders,

    This is the first installment of the Leadership Action Update, a message that I will send to you every Thursday afternoon by email (and that will be archived online at City Schools Inside). 

    In a large and dynamic organization like ours, clear and consistent communication is essential — and the Leadership Action Update is a first step in ensuring that important messages get to the right people in the right way to move the work forward. It will provide a single, predictable format for sharing all action items and important information with school and district leaders.

    If you have received this message via your email inbox, you have a key role to play in the success of this new communications tool. Here are some things you need to know:

    • All districtwide action items will be included here, and only here, each week. If you receive a directive from anyone other than your own immediate director, executive director, or cabinet officer in any other way, you can disregard it.

    • Except in unusual or emergency situations, any deadlines included with items in the weekly message will be at least eight days from the date you receive the message. Clear communication includes being respectful of the many demands and priorities school and district leaders address every day, and it is our firm intention to be reasonable about timing of required action. But, at the same time, deadlines included in action items are real and should be met.

    • The previous "Action Alert" emails to all staff have been discontinued as of September 29. (Instead, all staff will receive the bimonthly "City Schools News" e-newsletter, the first issue of which was emailed on October 1.) As a school or district leader, you are responsible for sharing action items from the weekly message with the relevant staff members on your team.

    • Any staff member can submit an item for inclusion in the Leadership Action Update, but it must first be approved by the responsible district cabinet officer.

    We hope that you will find this format convenient, and that it will make your work easier and more efficient. But, as with any new communications tool, we know there is room for improvement. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome, and should be directed to the district's communications team by email or at 410-545-1870.

    Thank you for your assistance and your leadership in strengthening communications channels across the district.

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