• Student Learning Objectives 

    Student learning objectives (SLOs) are specific, measurable academic goals, for a
    particular group of students in an academic year and created by teachers in
    collaboration with their school leaders. SLOs can be used to measure student
    growth for teachers both in tested and non-tested grades. The 2017-18 
    Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation will include one SLO worth 35% of
    the total evaluation.

    School-based SLO Ambassadors
    As a way to help teachers with the SLO process throughout the 2017-18 school year, SLO Ambassadors are nominated for their school. SLO Ambassadors will serve as SLO experts and will guide teachers through the SLO process serving in a non-evaluative role.

    How can SLOs support effective teaching?
    The process of setting data-informed student goals and monitoring progress against those goals is considered to be a best practice for teachers. SLOs promote these strong practices across schools and our district. Additional benefits include:
    • SLOs promote reflective and collaborative teaching practice. Rich discussions about student learning that occur during and after SLO development and this practice may positively impact instruction. These discussions happen between teachers and their evaluators and among teachers, who work together based on grade-level, content area, or even interest in a certain area for professional development.
    • Teachers perceive SLOs as relevant and empowering. The SLO process allows principals and teachers to influence how teachers are evaluated and design learning objectives that are customized to the context of each teacher’s course and students.
    • SLOs promote aligned curriculum, assessment and standards. The SLO process typically requires teachers and principals to identify the standards of focus and to map out how assessment(s) will measure progress against those standards. In designing an SLO, a teacher must consider how his or her curriculum and instructional strategies will help students meet the standards.
    • SLOs are adaptable to any teacher. Teachers of all grades and subjects can demonstrate their impact on student learning with SLOs because SLOs do not rely solely on standardized assessments.

      **Without an approved exemption, teachers must have an approved SLO Learning Target and submit their student data in the appropriate electronic system. Failure to do so results in a score of “25” on the SLO component of their SY 2017-18 evaluation.

    At a glance

    • The 2017-18 Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation includes one SLO worth 35% of the total evaluation**
    • SLOs are academic goals for student learning, customized to a teacher's particular students. 
    • SLOs are designed to support instruction