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  • Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology #339

    2500 E. Northern Parkway, 21214
    Katrice Wiley, Principal

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     Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology’s Intake Process

    To help students transition into Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology (FAET) every student must complete an intake process that familiarizes the students with FAET. This is a three step process that requires the student to complete the registration process, the FAET Way Orientation, and completion of the mathematics, comprehension and fluency tests.   

    FAET’s registration is the first step and includes your receipt, review and completion of the following documents:

    • Welcome Letter
    • Registration Form
    • Emergency Contact Form
    • Acceptable Use of MTA S-Pass Contract
    • Behavior Contract
    • Book Contract
    • Code of Conduct
    • Communication Form (E-mail)
    • Computer Use Expectations Contract
    • Electronics and Internet Policy
    • Learning Contract
    • Lunch Application
    • Mobile Phone Contract
    • Release of Information Form
    • School Compact
    • Service Coordination Form
    • Service Learning Hours Form
    • Uniform Policy
    • District Calendar

    Students and their families are required to complete each of the forms in the registration packet.  Your Intake will be scheduled on a Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  At which time the student is required to bring a combination lock.


    1. Student Registration
    2. The FAET Way orientation is the second step of intake; during this time students learn about the unique qualities and rules of FAET.
      • We review the Learning, Mobile Phone, Uniform, and Computer Use Expectations Contract.
      • We will review the Internet Policy with the student. Because of the flexibility in scheduling, the different manner in accumulating credits, and the requirement of progress to stay at FAET, it is vital that students clearly understand what is expected so they are successful at school. This step is a vital component of guaranteeing students understand the expectations and are able to take advantage of the opportunities at FAET.
    3. Proficiency testing is the third step of the intake process; however, because of the importance of understanding the FAET way, students review and sign a copy of the rules and behavior contract before testing begins. This step occurs with our intake teacher and includes a risk factor survey, reading comprehension test, a mathematics test and if time allows a fluency test. (This is completed after intake if there are too many students to test everyone within the allotted time.) These tests provide information which allows teachers to adapt instruction to students’ abilities; it is not intended to track students. 

     Please contact the school at 443-642-5616/5617/5618 to pick up your Registration Packet and to schedule your child’s Intake session.