• Energy Conservation

    City Schools manages nearly 200 school and administration buildings. Keeping them running smoothly and comfortably for their occupants requires utilities like electricity, natural gas, steam, fuel oil, and water. These natural resources are expensive and in limited quantities around the world.  Using them wisely helps the environment and saves money, and can also be connected to occupant awareness and student environmental literacy.  

    The Energy Office in the Department Facility Maintenance and Operations focuses on energy conservation practices, natural resource preservation, and the elimination of utility waste. These practices help fulfill requirements under state and local laws on energy and sustainability.

    City Schools’ goal is to reduce utility waste and conserve wherever and whenever possible. Environmental sustainability and energy conservation is underway at City Schools via several components: 

    • Energy Procurement: City Schools buys energy and manages its cost by participating in a wholesale portfolio program, the Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee (BRCPC). The program has been highly successful in delivering lower costs on a consistent basis. City Schools is also in compliance with the Maryland Renewable Portfolio Requirements for renewable energy certificates (RECs).

    • Recycle & Reduce Waste: Recycling more and reducing the amount of trash our schools produce, helps us and the environment. Resources can be found at the Recycling Toolkit which includes a How-To Guide, signs, school pick-up days, videos, guidance and more.

    • Retrofits & New Construction: City Schools is capturing rebates and grants available for school construction projects.  We are also coordinating with the local utility company (BGE), to upgrade all electric and gas meters to Smart Meters which will result in accurate meter readings and fewer billing errors.

    • Monitor, Report & Support: City Schools is using energy software – EnergyCAP  Enterprise – to track current and historical utility consumption and costs by each school. For consumption and cost data by school, see the Energy Conservation Toolkit.  

    Save Energy!

    Each person, each idea makes a difference, so share your comments and ideas with Rajeshri Bachubhay,Energy Specialist.