BTU Professional,       

    Thank you for your interest in earning Achievement Units (AUs) for Professional Activities. It is our goal to provide you with as much guidance as possible while you work through this process. Currently, you have access to the process and criteria for Contributions to Student Learning, which is one of three categories available for obtaining AUs for Professional Activities. The Joint Governing Panel (JGP) is responsible for implementing a system to determine the effectiveness of all AU projects.

     The process for obtaining AUs involves three Phases...
       *BTU Professionals are highly encouraged to meet with their activity location principal prior to submission to share the proposal idea(s).
        *Implementation of your activity should not begin until after pre-approval has been granted by the JGP.
        *The submission of more than one proposal is prohibited.  The JGP's final approval must be received for a single project before submitting                            a new proposal.

    First, an employee or team of employees must complete and submit  to JGP@bcps.k12.md.us a  proposal for professional activities 4 weeks prior to the proposed project start date by emailing the Joint Governing Panel.   Each team member must submit an individual proposal to be considered for AUs. The proposal template fields provide the submitter with pertinent questions to answer to develop an AU worthy proposal. This will be the only form necessary to submit to the JGP for proposal consideration. AUs will be awarded upon completion of implementation, submission of all supporting documents and final approval. Proposal sponsors are restricted from submitting multiple proposals simultaneously.

    Once the proposal has been submitted, it will be emailed to your assigned principal for AU acknowledgement by the Joint Governing Panel. Please alert your principal that he/she will receive a notification by email. An AU acknowledgement statement acknowledges the school/principal’s capacity to host Professional Activities at the school site. There must be an administrator selected for each activity. In circumstances where the school does not have the capacity to host a particular Professional Activity, submitters can reach out to other school administrators to acquire another location.

    After the proposal has been acknowledged by your principal, he/she will transfer it to the JGP for review. The date your proposal has been received by the JGP will be your official receipt date. The JGP will review your proposal using the Worthiness Tool within 10 business days of receipt. This tool is used to ensure that your proposal has met basic requirements before receiving approval to begin implementation of the activity. If your proposal requires additional feedback you will be given the opportunity to update your proposal and resubmit it directly to the JGP within 5 business days. You should use the feedback to adjust your work. There is no limit to the number of resubmissions that can be made. However, multiple resubmissions could delay implementation start dates.





    Once your proposal is pre-approved, you will begin documenting session details and activities. This is the Implementation Phase. During this phase, you will be interacting with your target group of students and implementing your project goals and objectives. It is crucial that your implementation includes multiple and meaningful best practice strategies and activities.

    There is a Program Evaluation document found here in this information which must be completed throughout the implementation phase. This document is comprised of questions that you will answer and reflect upon as you implement your activity. It has been provided as a reflection to assist your move through The Cycle of Influence as you implement your project. The completed project must be submitted to the JGP through ESS by April 30, 2018.


    Finally, after receipt of your project, the review team assigned to the project will evaluate the final submission for quality and impact using the AU Rubric. The JGP will utilize this tool at the conclusion of your activity’s implementation. The rubric measures the number and rigor of goals set, considers the types of measures of impact being used, the quality of reflection, and the presence and quality of adjustments to practice. Upon the completion of scoring, AUs will be awarded by the JGP.




    Please note the following suggestions for completing strong submissions.

    While completing the “proposal form”, please make sure that your responses take into account the following documents: The worthiness tool, rubric and AU guidance. Your responses to each question on the proposal form must be detailed and descriptive in nature.

    In the “Explain the Need for the Activity” area, provide data from your specified audience which demonstrates why this particular professional activity is needed. The types of data may vary depending upon the grade, activity focus, subject matter and/or topic. For example, if you are developing an intervention project for 3rd grade students, it would be effective to cite test scores and/or citywide data which indicate the need for the content on which you are focusing; however, depending on the activity, informal or anecdotal data may suffice. It is important to note that you are submitting evidence to support how your activity contributes to student growth and academic achievement.

    The “Program Evaluation: Reflections on the Impact of the Activity”, has been provided as a guide to assist your move through the Cycle of Influence as you complete your professional learning activity. This document is comprised of questions that you will reflect upon and complete during phase two as you implement your activity. Please note that you should be reflecting throughout and making adjustments during the implementation phase, as well as documenting evidence to support your reflection practices. BTU Professionals collaborating on a team project must submit individual responses to the program evaluation/reflection. At the completion of the activity you should have gained an understanding of the necessary steps needed to strengthen, enhance and extend the activity as it relates to student growth.

    If you are resubmitting a previously approved AU project, the new submission must be updated (target group, goals, data, session details and program adjustments, etc.) and take into account feedback provided by the JGP from the last submission. Each submission must be creative and build upon the previous approval with a focus on contributing to student growth. Duplicated proposals will not be permitted.         

    Thank you for considering this opportunity and taking the time to share your talents. We are excited to work with you to create a professional activity that contributes to student learning. If you have additional questions, please email us at JGP@bcps.k12.md.us.

    Best Wishes,

    Joint Governing Panel