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    Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) –Administrative Regulation

    Recent legislation passed that requires an amendment to school districts’ AED Program.  This measure was approved by the governor in May 2014 and is effective the start of the 2014-15 school year.The requirements, among other things, are

    • that an AED is on site in the Main Office of each middle and high schools (to include charters and contract schools);
    • and that an AED is on site at each school-sponsored athletic event.
    Each middle and high school principal must designate two employees who will be present on site during the regular school day.These employees will be designated as AED Participants and receive CPR/AED training. In accordance with the Maryland AED legislation, the amended Administrative Regulation for City Schools AED Program is available here. Principals, please review and make these guidelines available to all staff in your school to meet compliance with the law.

    Please note

    • All schools, with the exception of charters, will receive an AED donated by the district office (AEDs for traditional schools are funded out of general funds. However, charters have already received these funds as part of their per pupil allocation). 
    • In regard to charter schools, however, it is the responsibility of charters to purchase AEDs for each of their schools.   Contact the procurement department for vendor assistance.
    • Details (dates, times, and locations) pertaining to distribution of the AEDs and training, will be provided in a subsequent announcement.
    Questions regarding the AED Program can be directed to Alice Watson, Director, Environmental Health and Safety, AAWatson@bcps.k12.md.us, or 443-642-4283.

    Social Media Guidance

    Please review the social media guidance for official school and district social media accounts and share with your staff. In addition, please complete the survey to let us know about your social media use.

    Annual Employee Evaluations

    The deadlines for supervisors to complete employee annual evaluations electronically are as follows:
    Supervisors of these employees need to
    • Review their employee queues in the NonTeacher Tool and OPMS.
    • Schedule conferences with their employees so that all evaluations are completed before the deadline
    • Discuss the employee’s performance across the year at the evaluation conference
    • Submit the appropriate evaluation form electronically by the deadline
    For more information, please review the Employee Evaluations webpage or contact the Human Capital Office at 410-396-8885 or by email at  HCTrainingTeam@bcps.k12.md.us.

    Employee Time Entry for June 16 and June 17 

    Fill out the employee absence form for any 10-month or Pay-All-Year salaried staff who are absent on June 16 and/or June 17 and did not register elsewhere for professional development. The completed form should be emailed to the Payroll Office or faxed to (410) 625-0321 by June 17
    School-Based Option (SBO) Schools: This does not apply to SBO schools that finish on the 12th; all other SBO schools should complete the form if they are in session on June 16 or June 17. 
    For more information, please contact yournetwork's payroll specialist:


    Payroll Specialist

    Email Address

    Phone Number


    Stacy Young


    443-642-3880, option #2, then #1


    Marc Coleman


    443-642-3880, option #2, then #2


    Shenetta Bowling


    443-642-3880, option #2, then #3

    District Office

    Shenetta Bowling


    443-642-3880, option

    #2, then #4

    Open enrollment for pay-all-year program

    All 10-month full-time salaried employees who would like to participate in the pay-all-year program must enroll during the open enrollment period from May 29 to June 13. Please note that employees who were enrolled during the 2013-14 school year must opt-in again for 2014-15. Compare City Schools’ program to the MECU savings program here.

    Calendar Adjustments Due to Inclement Weather

    City Schools is adjusting its calendar to make up for days that schools were closed due to inclement weather. As a result, Friday, April 4, will now be a regular school day for students, instead of a professional development day for teachers.

    This information is included in a flyer for students and families that will be delivered to schools on Thursday, March 13. Please ensure that the flyer is distributed to all students for backpacking home by Friday, March 14.

    In establishing the 2013-14 school year calendar, City Schools planned for five inclement weather days; assuming all were used, the last day of the year was scheduled to be June 16 for students and June 17 for staff. As of March 11, schools have been closed districtwide for a total of eight days. Converting April 4 to an instructional day makes up one day for students, and the district will apply to the Maryland State Department of Education to waive the requirement of making up the remaining two instructional days. Until the outcome of that waiver application is known, the district cannot establish the date of the final day of the school year for students, teachers and 10-month staff.

    Regardless of the outcome of the waiver application, the number of inclement weather days used will result in additional schedule changes over the remaining weeks of the year, as outlined in the table below.

    Event Original Date Adjusted Date
    End of 3rd quarter March 28 April 1
    Start of 4th quarter March 31 April 2
    3rd-quarter report card distribution window April 3 to 7 April 7 to 9
      April 4: Professional day for staff April 4: Instructional day for students
    4th-quarter progress report distribution window May 6 to 8 May 13 to 15
    Final exams for high school students in grades 9 to 11* June 3 to 6 June 10 to 13
    4th-quarter report card distribution window June 9 to 11 June 12 to 16

    *Exam dates for high school seniors remain unchanged (May 14 to 19), as do dates for high school commencements (May 30 to June 1).

    Please watch City Schools Inside and the calendar page on the district website for updates. Information regarding the outcome of the waiver application and the last day of the school year will be shared as soon as it is available.

    Transfer of Special Education Student Records

    IEP chairs must follow proper protocol and procedures to move the records of special education students who are transferring to another school. IEP chairs also need to review the End-of-Year Procedures webinar on TSS and complete the assessment by May 20, 2014. Please contact Darren Guild at 443-642-4625 or Shawn Lyles at 443-642-4235 with any questions.

    Non-Closing Schools

    Records will be transferred beginning May 27. IEP chairs from the sending and receiving school must make arrangements to transfer the records. IEP chairs from the sending school must complete a Monitoring and Transfer of Records Form for each folder being transferred. All records must be transferred by June 13. Please refer to this timeline for additional information.

    Closing Schools

    Active student records will be picked up from closing schools and delivered to the Professional Development Center (PDC) on June 2. IEP chairs from receiving schools will pick up records for their new students at the PDC on their assigned day, either June 4 or June 5. Principals from receiving schools, should ensure that IEP chairs are available to pick up the records on their assigned day. Further details, including pick-up date assignments, will be sent to network executive directors, principals, and IEP chairs in the coming week.

    Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) scoring workbooks deadline extended

    The deadline for teachers to submit their SLO scoring workbooks has been extended to Tuesday, June 17.  When you are ready to submit, please log in to TSS and access your school’s TSS course. Detailed instructions are located in the SLO Field Test Scoring Guide. If you have any questions, please contact SLO@bcps.k12.md.us.

    School eTR/Transportation Coordinator Training

    Training for school eTR/transportation coordinators addressing challenges submitting requests for transportation services has been scheduled for Thursday, June 12, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Professional Development Center (2500 E. Northern Parkway). Principals are encouraged to have their transportation coordinators attend and for more information or if you have any questions, please contact Roberta Neal.

    Please review and take advantage of these attendance improvement tools.

    The goal of reducing chronic absence rates requires a team-based, comprehensive approach. Please use these tools and information sources to engage your entire school community in improving student attendance throughout the remainder of this school year.

    Tackling Chronic Absence – A Toolkit for School Communities includes research-based, best practice strategies that support school efforts to tackle chronic absence. It will be updated frequently, so please visit often.

    At risk for chronic absence tutorial explains chronic absence and how it is calculated.

    Daily emails on unsubmitted attendance will be sent to principals, teachers, and attendance monitors.

    Climate report additions for 4th quarter:

    • Starting the week of April 28, 4th-quarter rates for students at risk for chronic absence
    • 4th-quarter unsubmitted attendance rates
    New supplemental reports available weekly via network staff:
    • Report showing all students and whether they are at risk for chronic absence
    • Report showing teachers who have not submitted attendance since the first day of the 4th quarter 

    For questions regarding attendance data, policy, or general information, contact attendancedata@bcps.k12.md.us 

    For questions regarding truancy or court referrals, contact truancy@bcps.k12.md.us 

    For questions regarding SMS, contact helpdesk@bcps.k12.md.us 

    Please stay tuned for further information on professional development opportunities for the summer and next school year in the area of improving student attendance.

    Last day of school for students and 10-month staffAs previously announced, the last day of the 2013-14 school year for students will be Monday, June 16. Please note and inform students and families that this will be a half-day for students, with school-based professional development for staff in the afternoon. For teachers and other 10-month staff, the last day will be Tuesday, June 17, with school-based professional development that day.If your school follows an intersession calendar or has been approved for school-based options, please check with your school leader about timing of the last day for students and staff.

    IEP chairs: Complete the end-of-year checklist

    Please be sure to complete the end-of-year exit checklist for IEP chairs and submit it to your educational specialist in the Special Education department by June 17. It is expected that all schools will close out the year with no compliance issues. For questions or additional information, email Shawn Lyles or call 443-642-4235.

    IEP chairs: Complete the end-of-year checklist

    Please be sure to complete the end-of-year exit checklist for IEP chairs and submit it to your educational specialist in the Special Education department by June 17. It is expected that all schools will close out the year with no compliance issues. For questions or additional information, email Shawn Lyles or call 443-642-4235.

    School survey results ready to review and share

    Between mid-January and early March, thousands of City Schools’ staff, students, and parents/guardians completed the annual school survey. School-level results are now available on Principal’s Dashboard, and summary reports are posted online for every school. These summaries provide information about response rates, scores on key items, strengths, and areas of improvement according to students, staff, and parents, along with comparative information from last year and with schools that serve similar grade spans.

    In the video at right, several principals share ideas about communicating survey results to their school communities. Please take time to review your survey data and reports and to develop plans for sharing the results with students, parents, staff, and partners. 

    If you have questions about the results, please contact the Achievement and Accountability Office at survey@bcps.k12.md.us.

    New Immunization Requirements for School Year 2014-15

    Maryland has new immunization requirements for students who will enter kindergarten or grade 7 in the 2014-15 school year: 

    • Kindergarten students: Two doses of Varicella vaccine
    • 7th-grade students (including students repeating 7th grade in 2014-15): One dose of Tdap vaccine; one dose of Meningococcal vaccine 

    Please share these requirements with families of current pre-k and 6th-grade students, and be sure to remind them that students may be excluded from school if immunization documentation is not provided at the start of the 2014-15 school year. 

    Additional resources: 

    For questions regarding immunization requirements or enforcement of immunization regulations, please contact Dr. Louise Fink, Director of the Home and Hospital Program or Dr. Judith Debose, Director of School Health. 

    Final technology inventory of the school year

    The end-of-year technology inventory is about to begin in all schools.  This record of technology devices will be used to ensure schools are ready for technology-integrated instruction and online testing in the 2014-15 school year. Principals should identify their school’s inventory manager(s) by Friday, May 16, and ensure all inventory managers complete training by Friday, May 23.  All principals should also participate in inventory training. School-based technology devices will need to be verified in the inventory system by Friday, June 6. Learn more.  

    2014 Summer Program Staffing

    To use funds from fiscal year 2014, please create your school's summer 2014 program(s) and positions by close of business on Friday, May 30.

    School leaders or systemic summer program coordinators should use the PStAR system to create summer program(s) and identify the fund sources that will pay for the program and related positions. You will need to identify the program coordinator who will use the Summer Employee Entry System to identify employees hired to fill these positions.

    When creating and staffing summer 2014 programs, please keep in mind the following deadlines: 



    Deadline for FY14 Funds

    Deadline for FY15 Funds


    Create the summer program and positions in PStAR

    Friday, May 30  

    Wednesday, June 11

    Select employees in the Summer Employee Entry System

    Friday, June 13

    Friday, June 13

    For more information about using the PStAR system, please contact Jerome Fenwick by email at 443-396-8885.

    Start Recycling, If You Aren't Already

    Recycling is a key way to improve our sustainable practices, learn about the environment, and help our students be stewards of their communities.  Recycling and saving energy can help students learn about the environment, and can engage them both in and out of the classroom through hands-on, real-life learning and leadership opportunities. It also saves City Schools money, and soon schools will be eligible to recover some of those savings.

    • Please begin recycling in your school, if you are not already. Maryland law requires that all schools implement recycling programs for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal, as well as electronics and light bulbs. 
    • The Department of Public Works picks up single-stream recycling (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal) once per week from every school.  If Paper Retriever/Abitibi currently picks up paper from your school, you may continue that service, but please begin recycling other materials as well. 
    • Consider establishing a Green Team with students, teachers, staff, and custodians to develop and implement a plan for recycling.  This is a successful approach that many schools have used. 
    • High schools, please send at least one student to a Recycling Ambassador information and training session on Thursday, May 22, at 5pm at Success Academy, 200 E. North Ave. Students can earn Service Learning hours for being recycling leaders.  

    Contact Joanna Pi-Sunyer, green schools coordinator, Engagement Office, at jpi-sunyer@bcps.k12.md.us with questions.  

    Preparing for 2014-15 Transportation Requests

    So that the Student Transportation department can provide timely and efficient transportation services for eligible students in the upcoming 2014-15 school year, schools must submit all eTR requests between May 19 and June 6, 2014. Please note that no eTR requests should be entered prior to Monday, May 19, to allow for data rollover from the current year. Please review this information sheet regarding the data rollover, which is scheduled for May 16 and 17.

    An eTR training is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Professional Development Center (2500 E. Northern Parkway). Principals, please ensure that your transportation coordinator attends to receive training that will assist him or her in addressing any challenges regarding submitting requests for transportation services.

    Please contact Roberta Neal by email if you have any questions.

    May 2014 HSA Administration

    The window for online administration of High School Assessments (HSAs) is May 19 to June 6 (flexible, with no testing on June 4).

    For paper-and-pencil administration, the window appears in the table below. Schools will receive test materials from the vendor between May 2 and 7.
    Subject Primary Test Date First Make-up Date Second Make-up Date
    Government Mon., May 19 Tues., May 27 Mon., June 2
    Biology Tues., May 20 Wed., May 28 Tues., June 3
    Algebra/Data Analysis Wed., May 21 Thurs., May 29 Thurs., June 5
    English Thurs., May 22 Fri., May 30 Fri., June 6

    To participate, students should be

    • In grades 7 to 12 and enrolled in year-long or second-semester HSA courses, or
    • In grades 9 to 12 and enrolled in an HSA remediation class after having completed an HSA course and failing the test

    Roster validation

    The roster of students identified to participate in the May HSA administration is available on the Principal’s Dashboard (under the HSA tab found within Student Information). Principals, please download the roster and share it with school test coordinators, who should in turn verify the number and names of students listed. Test coordinators should then confirm the May HSA roster by by emailing OAA-Assessment@bcps.k12.md.us no later than Monday, April 28.

    Professional development

    School test coordinators should plan to attend one of two professional development sessions on HSA administration on Tuesday, April 29. Both sessions take place in the auditorium at Green Street Academy at 201 North Bend Road.

    • For coordinators at schools administering the HSA for the first time this year (e.g., administering HSA Algebra to 8th- or 9th-grade students for the first time):
      9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    • For coordinators at high schools that have administered HSAs previously this year:
      1 to 3 p.m.

    Deadline extended: Teachers and school leaders give MSDE feedback on evaluations

    The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is asking teachers and principals to share their perspectives on the Teacher and Principal Evaluation (TPE) system by completing a confidential, anonymous survey by Friday, May 16 by 4 p.m. Results will be used to refine and improve Maryland’s TPE implementation.

    Summer meals

    All schools providing summer programs (camps, daycare, school, etc.) are eligible to receive free meals for students enrolled in the program and anyone under 18 who walks in. To request meals for the summer, please complete this form by May 26.

    NHQ Parent Notification: Monthly Highly Qualified Reporting

    The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandates that all teachers are highly qualified (HQ). Schools that receive funding under Title I are required to notify parents whenever their students are being taught by non HQ teachers and long-term substitutes for four or more consecutive weeks. Monthly reports of teachers and long-term substitutes flagged as non HQ will be posted to the Principal’s Dashboard and new instances for the month of June will be posted by June 5, 2014. Additional highly qualified resources are available via TSS. If you have questions or need assistance please contact your HC Specialist.

    Revised final sync date for senior report cards

    High school principals: the final sync date for senior grades has been moved to May 21 at noon. Principal attestation forms are due by May 22 at 11:59 p.m.

    High school principals: Certify graduates and resolve graduation requirements errors

    Please certify graduates by May 22. The graduation validation data cleansing report #117 is now available on eWeb to assist in identifying errors associated with graduation requirements that must be corrected before a student can graduate. For more information on the steps required, see the SMS School End of Year Procedures.

    2014 Graduate Survey

    Principals and Graduate Survey Coordinators: To meet federal and state reporting requirements, the Maryland State Department of Education asks school leaders to survey all graduating seniors. Surveys will arrive at your school by April 25, and need to be returned to the district’s Achievement and Accountability Office (200 E. North Avenue, Room 203) by June 2, 2014.

    2013-2014 Regulatory School Year Drill Requirements

    With six weeks left in the school year, a number of schools have not completed required bus evacuation and other safety drills. Please perform the required drills and completely fill in the evacuation and drill log and send it to the school’s network education buildings supervisor (EBS) by June 2. The log must be signed by the school principal.
    1. Bus

    During the week of May 12-16, bus contractors will work with all schools that have not completed required drills to schedule and perform drills. Principals, administrators, and transportation coordinators should comply with the bus contractors’ schedules.

    2. Other drills

    Drill    Annual Requirement
    Fire drills 10
    Emergency evacuation 1
    Shelter-in-place 1
    Lockdown drill 1
    Severe weather safe area 1
    Drop, Cover, and Hold 1
    Please refer to the Critical Responses to Emergency Management Plan binder pages 53 to 70 for instructions on performing the drills. For questions, contact the Health and Safety Office at 443-642-4283.