Board of School Commissioners

The Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners has 10 members: nine volunteer members and one student member. The Board’s legal mandates are outlined in the Education Article of the Code of Public General Laws of Maryland (sections 4-303 new window and 4-306 new window). These mandates include, but are not limited to, increasing student achievement and ensuring the efficient and effective management of school system resources.

The Board Office provides managerial, administrative, and operational support to the Board, oversees management and implementation of the district’s legislative agenda, and serves as the Board and City Schools' point of contact for intergovernmental affairs.

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Room 406
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 443-984-2000
Fax 410-545-3613

Email addresses:


  • A. J. Bellido de Luna, board executive (email)
  • Liya Amelga, special assistant (email)
  • Tenesha Moore, executive assistant (email)
  • Dawana Sterrette, legislative liaison (email)

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