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    Fiscal year-end closing: Schedule for purchases

    (Updated: Tuesday, April 29)

    As is common practice among LEAs to facilitate a smooth year-end close of district financial records, City Schools has established a closing schedule for FY14 purchases. Principals, department heads, and grant managers at all schools and in the district office should note and adhere to the following schedule. Department access to accounts will be closed as of the effective date noted.

    Date Affected Schools/Offices Events

    Thursday, April 24
    • Closing schools only (Baltimore Antioch Diploma Plus, Baltimore Civitas, Baltimore Liberation Diploma Plus, Baltimore Talent Development, Bluford Drew Jemison Middle, Friendship Academy of Science and Technology)
    • Last day to place orders with FY14 funds. Schools are responsible to confirm with vendors that items ordered will be delivered and invoiced prior to July 1, 2014.

    Thursday, May 15
    • Schools not noted above as closing
    • All district offices and departments
    • Last day to enter purchase requisitions into K12Buy using FY14 General Funds. Schools and offices are responsible to confirm with vendors that items ordered will be delivered and invoiced before July 1, 2014. Any purchase after the June 30 closing date will be charged to FY15.
    • Account managers are encouraged to use their procurement cards until June 6 to obtain goods and materials for the remainder of the FY14.
    • Last day to submit a request to the Procurement department to process a change order for existing FY14 purchase orders.

    Saturday, May 24 
    (please note new date)
    • Schools
    • District offices and departments
    • Last day for FY14 procurement card purchases. All charges should be submitted and completed in Oracle’s i-Expense module. Special permission maybe requested in advance to use certain cards for unexpected purchases after May 24.

    Thursday, May 29
    • Schools not noted above as closing
    • All district offices and departments
    • Last day to complete and enter into K12Buy requisitions/purchase orders funded by grants with an end date of June 30, 2014. For those grants that have an end date before June 30, all approved funding should be spent by the grant end date or unspent dollars may be lost.

    Other key dates

    Friday, May 30
    • First day to begin to place pre-orders for FY15. These purchase orders will be held and not released until after July 1, 2014. Note: Information about pre-orders will be available in May 2014.

    Tuesday, July 1
    • First day to submit FY15 purchase requisitions in K12Buy (General and grant funds).
    • First day to make FY15 purchases using a procurement card.

    Your cooperation with this schedule is greatly appreciated. If you have questions, please contact Peter Ruchkin in the Procurement department at 410-396-8201 or pruchkin@bcps.k12.md.us.

    School-based options proposals

    The window to submit School-Based Options proposals for the 2014-15 schoolyear is April 1 to 24. Interested principals and building representatives should refer to the SBO page on City Schools Inside for more information on the timeline, process, and required forms for submission.

    Intercessions schools should not complete the SBO process. Instead, please submit your calendar proposal for SY14-15 to the New Initiatives Office by April 24. For more information about Intersession, please contact Angela Alvarez at ADAlvarez@bcps.k12.md.us.

    Monthly Highly Qualified Reporting

    No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandates that all teachers be highly qualified (HQ). Schools that receive funding under Title I are required to notify parents of students who are taught by non-HQ teachers and long-term substitutes for four or more consecutive weeks. New instances of non-HQ teachers for the month of April will be posted to Principal’s Dashboard by Tuesday, April 8; parent notification must be sent by Friday, April 11. Additional resources regarding HQ are available on TSS, and Human Capital Specialists on each network are available to provide assistance and answer questions.

    Acceptance and Reporting Guidelines for Gifts and Donations

    City Schools staff are reminded that all gifts received by schools and departments must be recorded using the online Donation Reporting Tool on City Schools Inside in accordance with Board policy and regulations (KCD and KCD-RA). All school leaders and district office staff should review theacceptance and reporting guidelines. If you have any questions about the gifts and donations policy or the reporting tool, please contact Billie Malcolm at bmalcom@bcps.k12.md.us or (410) 545-1870.


    Midyear Conferences for PSASA, PSRP, CUB, FOP and L44 and Unaffiliated Employees

    Although midyear conference deadlines have passed, the electronic evaluation systems remain open. Supervisors, please continue to complete second conferences for your PSASA employees (via OPMS) and submit midyear conferences electronically for your PSRP, CUB, FOP and L44 employees (via NonTeacher Tool).

    The midyear conference is an important opportunity for supervisors and employees to check-in and discuss performance, expectations and goals. Remember to review and share the forms, checklists and support resources on the PSASA evaluation page, the PSRP/CUB evaluation pageand the Human Capital evaluation page.


    The second formal observation and professional expectations need to be completed by April 1

    Supervisors, please complete the second formal observation for all BTU employees by April 1 in OPMS. Based on the employee job title, you will find the formal observation task in either
  • The BTU Classroom Teacher Plan
  • PBES Cycle 2: Other Teacher Level Plan or
  • PBES Cycle 2: RSP Plan

Supervisors also need to complete the professional expectations task for classroom teachers only in OPMS. This task is in the BTU Classroom Teacher Plan. Remember to review and share the forms, checklists and support resources from the Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation webpage and the Human Capital evaluation webpage.
2014-15 Declaration of Intent

The Declaration of Intent (DOI) form allows employees to indicate their intentions for next school year – specifically whether they intend to remain employed with Baltimore City Public Schools, resign or retire. This information is important to City Schools as it better enables the district to plan for the upcoming school year by ensuring that our staffing projections are as accurate as possible. Employees can access this form through Employee Self-Service (via the ERP Portal). Please submit your declaration of intent no later than Friday, March 21. 

Board of School Commissioners’ 2014-15 Budget Dialogues

As the 2014-15 budget process begins, the Board of School Commissioners is hosting two sessions to engage the community in a conversation about maximizing resources for excellence in teaching and learning during the 2015 fiscal year budget season. These sessions will be held on:

  • Thursday, January 16, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Baltimore Design School
  • Thursday, January 30, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Baltimore Design School

The goal of the dialogues is to orient participants to new expectations around college and career readiness in light of the Common Core State Standards, and to encourage participants to engage in—and use—their school-based budget-making process to support the college and career readiness strategy at their school.

Principals are asked to identify a team of school community members who would be interested in and benefit from a discussion of what values and priorities should guide the district budgeting process. Teams may consist of members of the School Family Council, but membership on the School Family Council is not required. The school’s team should consist of:

  • 2 parents
  • 1 community partner
  • 1 staff
  • 1 student (high schools ONLY)

Child care and a light dinner will be provided for all participants. Please register your team no later than Thursday, January 16, by following this link. Invitations will be emailed to participants with more details. This is a valuable opportunity for the Board to hear from stakeholders in your school. 

2014 Extended School Year (ESY) Enrollment Procedures

During the week of March 17, 2014, IEP Chairs will receive the following from the Office of Special Education: intent letters for ESY eligible students, an ESY log, and transportation forms. IEP Chairs were made aware of this information at the IEP Chair monthly trainings in January and February.

IEP Chairs should print and disseminate the ESY intent letters to parents during the week of March 17 - 21. Diligent attempts are necessary to ensure that pick up & drop off addresses are accurate, as well as parent and emergency contact information. The verified information must be captured in the ESY log. Additionally, a tranportation form must be completed for all ESY eligible students.

The ESY log and transportation forms for all eligible ESY students are due to Lara Huffman, Educational Specialist, or Shawn Lyles, Educational Specialist, by April 4, 2014.

After April 4, if revisions are made to an IEP to determine ESY eligibility and/or changes to an address are needed, please notify Lara Huffman or Shawn Lyles of those revisions within two (2) business days. 

Lara Huffman may be reached at LLHuffman@bcps.k12.md.us and Shawn Lyles may be reached at SLyles@bcps.k12.md.us.