• 360 Feedback Survey 

    In order to strengthen professional practice, principals need timely, meaningful feedback. The information gained from the 360 Feedback Survey component of the School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation will assist in goal-setting between principals and their supervisors and will allow principals to modify their practice to benefit their school communities and their students' growth. In order to assess principals’ performance, principal supervisors, instructional staff, and principals will complete the 360 Feedback Survey using the survey tool, Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education (VAL-ED).

    The survey considers the intersection of the following six core components and six key process that research shows are important for effective leadership:

    Core Components

    Key Processes

    • High standards for student learning
    • Rigorous curriculum
    • Quality instruction
    • Culture of learning and professional behavior
    • Connections to external communities
    • Performance accountability
    • Planning
    • Implementing
    • Supporting
    • Advocating
    • Communicating
    • Monitoring

    360 Feedback Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the VAL-ED Survey?
    The Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education is a research based evaluation tool that measures the effectiveness of school leaders by providing a detailed assessment of a principal's behaviors. VAL-ED focuses on the skills and behaviors unique to the role and career of a principal, providing evidence that the appropriate and necessary instructional leadership behaviors are exhibited at the school. The valid and reliable results of the VAL-ED survey are also designed to help the principal become a better leader for his/her school.

    How is the VAL-ED Survey being used in City Schools?
    The VAL-ED survey is part of the City Schools' School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation under the professional practice category. This survey is the “360 Feedback Survey” component of the evaluation.

    Who can take the VAL-ED survey?
    The VAL-ED survey is a 360 feedback tool and encompasses assessments from principals themselves, principal supervisors, and instructional staff. For a complete list of job titles associated with instructional staff, please click here.

    How much time does it take to complete the survey?
    The survey will take instructional staff members approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, and will take principals and principal supervisors approximately 45 minutes to complete.

    Where can I see a sample survey question?
    Please click here to view a sample survey question from the VAL-ED website.

    Who administers the VAL-ED survey at my school?
    Survey coordinators will administer the VAL-ED survey at their schools.

    Is there an instruction guide that I can view on the VAL-ED survey?
    Yes, please click here for a Quick Start Guide that provides instructions on taking the survey.

    Can I take the survey on paper?
    The VAL-ED survey is only available online. Survey coordinators will provide codes to instructional staff. The Employee Effectiveness team provides codes to principals and principal supervisors. 

    Can I take the survey in multiple sessions if I get interrupted?
    It’s preferable to complete the survey in one session, but the system allows you to complete the survey at a later time if interrupted. You will enter your Survey ID and Access Code again and click “Begin Survey” to resume the survey.
    Where can I go to learn more about the research behind the VAL-ED instrument?
     Please visit http://valed.discoveryeducation.com/ to learn more. Additional tools and resources include:
    • VAL-ED Handbook: The VAL-ED Handbook provides fundamental information for using and interpreting the results of the VAL-ED. 
    • The VAL-ED and ISLLC Alignment:  The VAL-ED and ISLLC Alignment outlines the alignment between the VAL-ED learning-centered leadership conceptual framework and the ISLLC 2008 Educational Leadership Policy Standards
    •  VAL-ED FrameworkThe VAL-ED Framework identifies the intersection of two key dimensions of leadership behaviors: core components and key processes.  
    • Quickstart Guide: The VAL-ED Quickstart Guide is a helpful guide provided by VAL-ED that walks participants through the process of taking the survey.  
    • VAL-ED Rubric:  The VAL-ED Rubric identifies those leadership behaviors that research has shown to be associated with improved teaching and increased student achievement.
    • VAL-ED Percentile Ranks Norm-referenced Scores: The VAL-ED Percentile Ranks Norm-referenced Scores allows principals to interpret their VAL-ED survey results by comparing their scores to a national sample of principals.