• Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PSASA) Evaluations

    Last Updated – September 2017 


    PSASA members who are Non-School Based or who are considered Assistant Principals/Deans are evaluated using the Performance Based Evaluation System (PBES). PSASA members who are school leaders are evaluated using the School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation. For more information specific to school leader evaluations,  browse this area of the website to learn more.

    Evaluation documents are completed electronically via the Online Performance Management System (OPMS), which can be accessed through the Employee Resource Portal.  The evaluation cycle for SY 2017-18 includes 2 (two) conferences and an Annual Evaluation.
    City Schools understands that employees and supervisors will have questions about the evaluation process. To help get you started, here is a list of facts at a glance.




    October 31st 

    Supervisors will complete the 1st Conference and provide feedback to employee.
    Employees will pepare their Individual Development Plan (IDP) for discussion.

    February 28th

    Supervisors will complete the 2nd Conference and provide feedback to employee.

    July 31st

     Supervisors complete annual evaluation and conference with all PSASA employees.

    *Any deadlines that fall on a weekend or holiday will move to the next work day.