• What We Do

    The Payroll Office supports City Schools as it works to achieve its mission by providing guidance, support and leadership in respect to our professionalism and knowledge of payroll practices making sure that City Schools stays in compliance with payroll and taxation issues. We are receptive and responsive to employees' and other departments' needs.

    Our vision is accomplished by:

    • Fulfilling the Payroll Office's mission statement.
    • Providing cost-effective payroll processing that is accurate, timely and in compliance with the policy of Baltimore City Public Schools and all Federal and State tax agencies.
    • Maintaining a high-level of involvement and quality communications with the Human Capital Office and other departments to ensure that service is responsive to each department's particular needs and is supportive of each department's goals.
    • Providing system-wide communication and training in usage and interpretation of systems and City Schools payroll policies while enhancing employee developmental opportunities.
    • Continuing the departmental education in regards to technology.
    • Exploring every available avenue to convey information to our