School Police

Students shop with school police for holiday gifts. Watch more stories on Vimeo

The Baltimore City School Police Force ensures that students and staff have a safe environment in which to learn and teach. In order to provide the level of safety necessary so that students can achieve at their maximum potential, the district's police force partners and develops relationships with stakeholders around the city. (See the August 2016 presentation on the police deployment strategy.)

Important phone numbers

  • Emergencies: 911
  • School police: 410-396-8588 or 410-396-8589
  • In addition to patrolling, responding to calls and investigating offenses, school police counsel students, advise school staff on security issues, provide information to parents and build community at their schools. For example, school police officers visit elementary school classrooms with McGruff the crime-fighting dog, to teach 3rd-grade students to say no to drugs and gangs. And each year, selected students get to "Shop with a Cop" for holiday gifts for themselves and their families.


    According to Maryland state law, Baltimore City school police officers have all the powers of any peace or police officer in the State ofMaryland and they receive the same basic academy training as Baltimore City police officers. Furthermore, the law provides that the Baltimore City School Police Force is the primary agency responsible for policing property owned, leased and operated or controlled by Baltimore City Public Schools. 

    To better serve the City Schools community, the School Police Force has a “concurrent jurisdiction agreement” with the Baltimore Police Department, which gives school police the authority to enforce the law within the limits of the City of Baltimore. This means that, while the School Police Force's primary jurisdiction is school property, as first responders, school police officers have a responsibility to take action when necessary to restore order and can make arrests anywhere within the Baltimore city limits.

    The Civilian Review Board of Baltimore City is an independent agency where the public can issue a complaint against officers of various law enforcement units.