• RESERVATION REQUEST FORMS:Click here to download form.*
    *Please make sure you read the General Off Limit Times section before making the request.
    Purpose: To ensure that the Paul Laurence Dunbar Field (1400 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21231) is maximized by schools, community organizations, and partners by providing clear guidelines and communication on how to request and access the field.



    1.    Purpose for Accessing Field Use

          a.   Support programmatic requirements, educational and extracurricular activities of students

           b.   Activities conducted are orderly and lawful, not of a nature to incite others to disorder and must be in compliance with federal, state, and local laws as well as the policies, rules, regulations, and procedures of the Board and CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools


    2.    Process for Requesting Field Use

           a.   User reviews guidelines for accessing the field and completes Space and Use Agreement Application [Form 1] and supporting documentation

                i.   Requests for field use without a completed Space and Use Agreement Application will not be processed

                ii.   Purpose of supporting documentation is to provide additional details about the use of the field.  Examples include, but are not limited t request on letterhead of the organization sponsoring/hosting event, or brochure, or event flyer, or participant list, or sponsor list for the event

                iii.   Request must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event activity   

                 iv.   Please contact Dunbar Secretary/Business Manager if there are any questions


          b.   User submits request and Space and Use Agreement Application to school

                  i.   The school main office is open to accepting applications on Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am through 4:00 pm or via email at tpwingfield@bcps.k12.md.us


          c.    Dunbar leadership reviews and determines field availability  

                  i.   User will be informed within 72 hrs if field is available during time requested

                  ii.   If available, Dunbar leadership sends materials to City Schools Real Estate Permit Office for final review and approval

                   iii.   If there is a scheduling conflict, Dunbar leadership contacts user 


          d.    City Schools Real Estate Permit Office receives request form from school for review and final approval

                    i.   Actual or final decision to grant approval to field request is made by the Chief Operating Officer or designee (i.e., Real Estate Permit Office)

                    ii.   If approved, user must provide certificate of liability insurance and fees [Form 2]

                                      1.   Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners for the Baltimore City Public Schools System (Board) and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore as additional insurers is required for all requests (including practices and games)


          e.   Once approved, City Schools Permit Office contacts school and user of approval and next steps

                 i.   Note that Athletic Field Use Permits are not transferrable


          f.    For seasonal requests for field use by leagues, the application can be submitted at any time. However, to help in the management of reviewing and granting field access, please use the schedule below as a guide to submit your application:

                 i.   Spring Sports: Applications will be accepted from December 15-February 12, for field use beginning March 1 through May 31

                 ii.   Summer Sports: Applications will be accepted from March 15 - May 12 for field use beginning June 1 through August 31

                iii.   Fall Sports: Applications will be accepted from June 15 - August 12 for field use beginning September 1 through November 30

                 iv.   Winter Sports: Applications will be accepted from September 15 - November 12 for field use beginning December 1 through February 28


    3.    Accessing Field  

           a.   City Schools does not waive fees for any organization, group, or individual

           b.   Any donations to the school are considered separate and cannot be co-mingled with School Permit payments

           c.   Building fees will not be charged for:

                       i.   Non-Profit events (with no charge for admission or participation)

                      ii.   Non-Profit youth organizations (with no charge for admission to event)

                       iii.   All regularly scheduled meetings of organized parent groups and their sponsored activities

                     iv.   Youth Group/organizations

                       v.   City Schools meetings and activities, City School employee organizations and Baltimore City Government and Departments

                   vi.   School Board meeting and activities


          d.    Building fees will apply t

                       i.   For profit and non-profit groups charging an admission fee, participation fee or accepting monetary donations regardless of event activity (excludes organized parent group and City Schools-sponsored activities)   - $360/day    

                    ii.   Summer camps that charge students and/or parents – rates is based on Monday-Friday occupancy - $72/day or $360/week

                  iii.   Before and after care school programs that charge students and/or parents - $90/week

                  iv.   All others not described in the above - $360/day


          e.    Surcharge fees

                 i.   Educational institutions and non-profit youth organizations/sport leagues will not be charged turf field ($250/event) and field light ($200/event) fees. All others will be charged the fees


          f.     Staffing Fees (Regardless of event activity or organization)

                i.   Staffing fees are covered by the user if field is being used during non-operating school hours

                ii.   Users of the field will need to cover custodial staffing fees if field needs to be opened and closed - $21/hr

                 iii.   Users of the field will need to cover security by School Police for games - $40/hr

                  iv.   Please contact the City Schools Real Estate Permit Office to determine staffing needs and rates (410-361-9210)


           g.   Payments

                  i.   Following review and acceptance of the application, the applicant shall make payment online or by mail by certified check or money order, payable to the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, and submit payment to the Chief Operating Officer's Real Estate Permit Office (200 E North Avenue - Room 409 Baltimore, MD 21202). Cash or Personal Checks will not be accepted. Users shall not negotiate with, nor compensate, any City Schools personnel directly

                   ii.   If event is canceled, the user must notify City Schools at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled activity or a refund will not be available.


          h.    Maintenance of Field

                     i.   User shall take all reasonable efforts to maintain the field in the same condition it was in prior to the use

                     ii.   User is responsible for cleaning the field area after use and is responsible for any supplies needed to clean the area (brooms, trash bags, etc.)

                    iii.   All decorations or directional signs posted for the activity must be removed immediately after activity is over

                     iv.   If area remains unclean, user will be assessed a fee for cleaning the field area at $21 per hour, per person, and may lose future field use privilege if as a result of the use of the field by user


           i.     Reasons for Permit Revocation

                    i.   Permits may be revoked for any violation of Board Policy, including but not limited t 1) alcohol or grill use; 2) leaving trash, debris or equipment on site after use 3) complaints of music/amplified sound; 4) parking on grass or in illegal parking areas; 5) soliciting; 6) transferring permit or falsifying information on permit application or 7) any illegal activity conducted during event


          j.      Inclement Weather

                       i.   In the event of inclement weather, school reserves right to restrict use of the field to prevent damage and ensure safety. Users will be notified when these conditions exist via email

                        ii.   Events will be rescheduled, based on field availability


     4.    Priority Access

           a.   Information about regularly scheduled field events is available on the Paul Laurence Dunbar High School website

           b.   Per Board guidelines, first priority in determining the use and scheduling of school facilities is to support programmatic requirements and educational activities, including but not limited to extracurricular activities, of City Schools.  Thus, priority for field requests shall be granted first:

                       i.   Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

                     ii.   Other City Schools elementary, middle and high schools

                    iii.   Neighboring private/religious schools

                      iv.   Non-profit youth organizations/leagues (e.g., Recs and Parks youth leagues, neighboring church youth organizations, etc)

                      v.   For-profit youth leagues

                   vi.   Non-profit adult leagues

                    vii.   For-profit adult leagues


    5.   For details on public use of City Schools facilities please visit BCPS Board Policies and Regulations 


    Governing Policies: Board Policy FKA-RA adopted June 11, 2013