• Student Survey on Teacher Practice

    The Student Survey on Teacher Practice is administered to students in grades 3-12 in order to provide data that can help inform teachers’ instructional practices and to help school leaders better support their teachers’ professional growth. This survey is simply to inform a teacher’s practice and bears no weight on your annual evaluation. The 2016-17 Student Survey on Teacher Practice will be administered April 3-28.

    Students in grades 3-12 participate in the survey, which captures their perceptions of their teachers’ instructional practices. The survey was designed to align with the TEACH key actions of the Instructional Framework, and questions were tested with students to ensure that they were age appropriate and easily understood. The results from the survey will show teachers their strengths and areas of improvement in four domains:
    • Delivery of instruction
    • Classroom management
    • Student involvement 
    • Classroom environment
    For more information on the Student Survey on Teacher Practice, please review the frequently asked questions