Transferring to a New School

In general, current City Schools students can transfer to a new school in these circumstances:
  • When students in kindergarten to grade 5 move to a new neighborhood in Baltimore City, they may transfer to the new neighborhood school. Parents/guardians should speak with the office staff at the old school prior to the move, or visit the new school's office. Documentation regarding the student and new address is required to complete the transfer.

  • If students in grades 6 to 8 move to a new neighborhood whose elementary school also serves middle grades, they can transfer to that school. Documentation regarding the student and new address is required to complete the transfer.

  • Students at any grade level who are homeless are entitled to special services and may be eligible to transfer schools.

  • Current students can also transfer to a new school at the beginning of their 6th- or 9th-grade year by participating in middle and high school choice.

Other circumstances

Transfers in circumstances other than those listed above are approved or denied based on the situation and availability of space at requested schools. A transfer can be requested at any time but, if it is approved, it may not take effect until a change in semester (depending on the date in the school year and the reason for the request). High school transfers can occur only once during the high school years and must take place between grades.

To request a transfer for reasons other than those listed above, students/families should complete a Student Enrollment/Transfer Application (en español) and bring it with proof of residence and all other required documentation (see the application form and explanations below) to Room 106, 200 E. North Avenue, Baltimore 21202 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Our walk-in hours are between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you would like assistance at another time, please call to schedule an appointment.

If a transfer is approved, a placement letter is sent by mail. The student's previous school should provide a Maryland State Withdrawal Packet. This packet, along with the placement letter, should be brought to the new school.

Additional documentation required for consideration of school transfer in special circumstances:

  • Medical hardship. Statement on official letterhead from the student’s doctor or medical provider stating that the student’s current school does not meet the student’s medical needs.

  • Childcare hardship (for elementary school only, to request a transfer to a school closer to the parent/guardian's workplace or a caretaker's address). Statement from an employer on official letterhead stating why a school close to this location is needed; acceptance letter from a daycare providing before- or after-school care, on daycare letterhead; and/or an address verification form completed by the caretaker along with two proofs of the caretaker’s residency.

  • Safety. Safety Transfer Addendum

Note that, on occasion, a student may be transferred without initiating a transfer request. These administrative transfers are approved by City Schools' CEO or designee.