• Promoting School Events

    Schools can make use of many tools to get the word out about upcoming events. School plays, science fairs, musical performances, spelling bees and other competitions are just a few of the many things that happen in schools every day, and promoting them not only encourages attendance but also helps to market the school. 
    Following is a list of tools. When you're selecting which ones to use, remember to think about the audience you are trying to reach and how they are mostly likely to receive information.  
    • School website: Schools can include event information in a few places on the website—for example, on the homepage under Announcements, Latest News or Upcoming Events, and on the calendar.  

    • Flyers: Flyers can be placed in the school and, with permission, in offices of neighborhood organizations and in stores or restaurants. 
    • Parent Link: A phone call to selected or all families is a great way to inform your community about an event. Consider using a special guest caller—for example, if you're promoting a school play, maybe the stars of the show could make the call in character.

    • Media: If the event has an interesting angle or affects a lot of people, the media may be interested in covering it. Many media outlets accept event submissions for event calendars or listings.

    • Additional resources: Don't forget to post announcements in school or classroom newsletters and the student newspaper, and to ask local organizations or churches to promote through their channels.