• City Springs Eagles Athletic Policy

    City Springs Elementary Middle School is proud to offer a quality and diverse athletic program for our students. The athletic program supplements and supports the academic program. Thus, academics are the priority and students participating in athletics are required to maintain a high academic standing, demonstrate leadership qualities, and show a high standard of behavior.
    Determination about academic standing will be based on reports by the instructional team, Progress Reports, and Report Cards. Behavior standing will be based on the athlete’s Daily Point Sheet, Daily Grade Sheets, and/or Weekly Grade Reports.
    Students must maintain a grade of seventy percent (70%) on their Report Card in all subjects, not have any Unsatisfactory (U) grade on their Report Card in all subjects, a grade of Passing (P) on their Progress Report in all subjects, and must earn the Success Points on their Point Sheet, Grade Sheet, and/or Weekly Grade Reports. This will serve as their admittance to practice on a daily basis.
    If an athlete has not earned their Success Points, they must sit out of practice on that day. If an athlete must sit out of practice for three times, upon the third time, they will not be allowed to play in the next game, and will sit out of all practices leading up to that game beginning on that day.If the weekly grade report is being used, the athlete must sit out of practice for the entire week and sit out of any games held in that week. Not having a point sheet will be treated the same as not having the Success Points.
    When Progress Reports and Report Cards are given out, athletes must show their grade report, in addition to their Point Sheet for admittance to practice. If an athlete did not meet the minimum requirement in any class, they will not be allowed to practice until the teacher reports to the coach that the athlete has pulled up their grade to the minimum requirement.
    Any display of severe disrespect by an athlete, will result in a referral to the principal. The principal may determine that suspension from practice, a game, or the team may be warranted. The City Springs’ coaches will give each homeroom teacher a roster for each athletic team, and the progress of student athletes will be an agenda item for the teachers’ grade team meetings.
    Student athletes are required to be in school on time the day before and the day of any athletic event or practice, or they will not be allowed to participate in that event or practice. Student athletes must also maintain a 95% attendance rate for the school year. Attendance includes being ON TIME.
    In addition to supporting the academic program, the athletic program bolsters school spirit for the entire student body. We hope it will also ignite school spirit in you, our parents, as well as our entire school community. We appreciate the part that you play as a parent in supporting our athletic programs as a supplement to our academic program. Thank you!
    NOTE: Each student athlete is required to submit a copy of the City Springs Eagles Athletic Policy with a parent/guardian signature.  Click here for a printable copy of the form.