• Classroom Observations 

    Classroom observations, along with Professional Expectations, are another tool providing evidence of a teacher's strengths and areas for development. When done frequently and purposefully, and when coupled with discussion that includes actionable feedback, formal and informal observations are integral to improving instructional practice.

    Instructional Framework
    Developed over many months with input from hundreds of teachers, the district's Instructional Framework defines what effective teaching looks like and guides the district's efforts to develop and offer high-quality professional development opportunities.

    The total weight of the formal observation component is 40% (e.g., if two formal observations, then each worth 20%), and there must be a minimum of two observations to support an annual evaluation. Each of the formal observations is considered a separate evaluation measure.

    At a glance 

    • Teachers are observed on the nine key actions of the framework's "Teach" component
    • Teachers receive at least two formal observations and frequent informal observations during the school year
    • Formal observations are completed by qualified observers 
    • Each formal observation is considered a separate evaluation measure