Legal Office

The Legal Office provides legal advice, counsel, and litigation defense to the Board of School Commissioners, the CEO, and district employees. It supports efficient management of administrative functions, minimizes financial liability, and ensures compliance with federal, state, and local laws and Board policy.

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Room 208
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 410-396-8542
Fax 410-396-2955 or 410-659-7199

Chief Legal Counsel
Tammy L. Turner (email)

Key staff
Lisa Blades, special assistant (email)


Equal Employment Opportunity and Title IX Compliance 

Investigates alleged violations of Title VII and Title IX; provides training related to sexual harassment and other equal employment issues; ensures compliance with Office of Civil Rights conciliation agreements related to all students; processes requests for accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act; and ensures compliance with Title IX (read City Schools' notice of nondiscrimination)

Key staff
Clarence Parker, manager (email)

Legal Services

Develops, reviews, and negotiates written memoranda of understanding and contracts; represents City Schools in administrative, state, and federal litigation, including tort defense, employment matters, contract disputes, and premises liability; provides advice and counsel on charter law, fair use, facility use, employee relations, student attendance, school closings, and FERPA; represents City Schools in special education due process hearings; and processes requests submitted under freedom of information acts and laws

Key staff
Tammy L. Turner, chief legal counsel (email)
Lisa Blades, special assistant (email)

Minority and Women Business Enterprise

Ensures compliance with state and local laws governing participation in government contracts by minority and women business enterprises; assists minority and women-owned businesses that wish to participate in the Board of School Commissioners’ Minority and Women Business Enterprise procurement program; and provides information to businesses about certification programs

Key staff
Brien Boone, manager (email)

Staff Investigations

Investigates complaints of misconduct, neglect of duty, incompetence, immorality, insubordination, and violations of law or regulatory compliance and Board policy involving City Schools’ personnel

Key staff
Donna Hawkins, manager (email)