Finance Office

The Finance Office is responsible for the overall fiscal condition of the school district. It oversees the implementation and consistent application of sound financial management practices and controls, including financial reporting and analysis, cash flow, debt management, hiring controls, budget adjustments, procurement requests, processing of employee payroll, food and nutrition, and financial management technology.

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Room 403
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 443-984-2000
Fax  410-396-9663

Interim Chief Financial Officer
John Walker (email)



Prepares, manages, and monitors operating budgets; confirms budgetary resources for personnel- and non-personnel-related expenditures; and supports schools by aiding in budget development, reviewing budgets quarterly and making adjustments to ensure effective spending, assisting with the acquisition of materials and services, and providing support for the development and monitoring of spending plans for grant funds

Fiscal Management (Controller)

Within the Accounting and Financial Reporting unit, produces financial statements and reports, data, and analyses, plans and maintains effective cash management practices, accounts for outstanding debt to ensure that fiscal obligations are met, and manages accounts payable and receivable functions; within Third-Party Billing, maintains an effective management system to maximize the recovery of Medicaid funding (see third-party billing information for current City Schools staff new window)

Key staff
Maryanne B. Cox, controller (email)

Financial reports and statements PDF icon
Fiscal Year 2016
• Fiscal Year 2015
• Fiscal year 2014
• Fiscal year 2013
• Fiscal year 2012
• Fiscal year 2011
(For previous years' financial reports, contact the controller.)

Food and Nutrition

Advances student academic achievement and well-being by offering healthy food choices in compliance with state and federal regulations

Key staff
Elizabeth Marchetta, executive director (email)


Ensures employees are paid accurately and in a timely fashion and that payments and withholdings are made in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations; processes biweekly paychecks for employees; and manages benefits enrollment and vendor relationships (see payroll information for current City Schools staff new window)

Key staff
Jerome Fleischmann, director (email)

Performance Management

Design and implements districtwide strategies to ensure that key areas are managed using a data-driven approach; ensures that business and operational processes are aligned to district strategic imperatives; and establishes protocols for evaluating the impact systems improvements and strategic initiatives have on the district’s academic return on investment


Manages the district's procurement process via effective supply contract administration, and maintains the procurement process and technology system to enable annual purchasing

Key staff
Jeff Parker, director (email)