Academics Office

The Academics Office develops and coordinates resources to ensure that students receive rigorous, engaging instruction tailored to their individual needs, preparing them for postsecondary success. 

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Room 405
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 443-984-2000
Fax 410-396-9663

Key staff
Sean L. Conley, chief academic officer
Kasey Mengel, special assistant (email)


College and Career Readiness

Promotes a culture of student engagement and motivation, success in rigorous academic programming and career pathways, and successful transition to college and other postsecondary opportunities

Key staff
Rudy Ruiz, executive director (email)
Michael Thomas, director, college and career readiness (email)
Daniel Heller, manager, college and career readiness (email)

Specialized Services

Promotes academic, social, and emotional development through services and interventions to meet the needs of diverse students, ensuring that there are multiple pathways to graduation, the identified needs of students with disabilities are met, and appropriate guidelines and regulations are followed.

Key staff
Executive director (position currently vacant)
Macon Tucker III, manager of specialized services (email)
James Padden, director, related services (email)
Lois McLaughlin, coordinator for IEP development and implementation (email)

Strategy and Compliance

Leads strategy development and alignment, policy, return on investment/program evaluation, and effective and efficient operating processes.

Key staff
Jennifer Dull, director (email)

Teaching and Learning

Prepares students for college and career through development and implementation of curriculum, interventions, enrichment, and assessments, focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics); media and instructional technology; literacy, language, and culture; differentiated learning; and school transformation.

Key staff
Janise Lane, executive director (email)
Laura K. Jones, manager (email)
Lara Ohanian, director, differentiated learning (email)
Ryan Salta, director, STEM (email)
Lindsay Sullivan, director, literacy, language, and culture (email)
Perry Gorgen, director, early learning programs (email)

A Curriculum and Assessment Alignment Audit of the Baltimore City Public Schools

Whole Child Services and Support

Oversees the strategic direction of wellness, climate, social- emotional, behavioral, wrap-around, extension, and enrichment services and opportunities that keeps the holistic needs of students at the forefront

Key staff
Executive director (position currently vacant)
Director, social emotional learning, climate and wellness (position currently vacant)
Everett Garnett, director, suspension services (email)
Sharone Brinkley-Parker, director, enrollment, choice, and transfer (email)
Louise Fink, director, home and hospital/health services (email)
Tiffany Byrd, coordinator, athletics (email)