• Providing Reading Instruction for Students with Special Needs

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    1.   Adapting Standard Reading Methods for Students with Severe Reading Difficulties

    a.    Adapting Site Word Method

    ·         Sight word task

    ·         Phonics word task

    b.   Adapting a Phonics Method

    ·         Synthetic phonics

    ·         Analytic phonics

    ·         Analogic phonics

    2.  Differentiated Instruction
           a.        Proactive, meaning that the teacher plans and uses a variety of ways to teach learning.
          b.    A combination of whole group, small group, and individual instruction.
          c.    Qualitative, meaning quality work over quantity work.
          d.    Created through assessment. 
          e.    Uses multiple approaches to accommodate multiple intelligences.
          f.     Student centered, meaning that lessons are engaging, relevant, interesting, and active.
          g.    Dynamic
          h.    Organized and planned

    3.    Differences in Cognitive Processing

    4.    Multisensory Methods For Teaching Reading

    a.        Orton-Gillingham Method

    b.       Fernald Method

    c.        S.P.I.R.E.