• English Language Learners (ELL's)
    ELL’s are students whose first language is not English and who are not yet proficient in English.

    1.     Method’s for Teaching ELLs

    a.     English as a second language (ESL)

    b.     Bilingual instruction

    c.     Instruction through immersion

    2.      Teaching Reading to ELL’s

    a.     Provide abundant oral language practice

    b.     Use easy-to-read English language books

    c.     Build reading fluency

    d.     Incorporate writing into the lesson

    3.      Strategies for Teaching Reading to ELL Students

    a.     Encourage ELL students to use their language around the school

    b.     Help students to understand that reading is based on language

    c.     Build oral language skills

    d.     Use English books

    e.     Use books that focus on language use

    f.      Provide numerous opportunities to use English

    g.     Find opportunities to use more complex English

    h.     Use conversation about books to foster natural language usage

    i.      Foster home-school collaboration

    j.      Develop units for reading and language arts that use literature from a variety
            of linguistic and cultural backgrounds to reflect the diversity in U.S. society