School Based Options (SBO) is a provision in the BTU contract that enables schools to modify the school year, school week, school day, and the available prep time for teachers. Schools might want to submit an SBO proposal in order to move PD days around, for example, or to create a weekly PD time for teachers.

    Documents for the 2016-2017 School Based Options proposal process are now available. Documents linked here are two required templates (a narrative template and a calendar spreadsheet template), a SBO guidance document  that explains the process, and a FAQ page. Proposals will be accepted through the School Based Options eForm using the required templates from March 24 – April 15, 2016.

    The SBO proposals will be reviewed. If approved by City Schools and the Union, you will receive a message directing you to take a vote, within 14 days of that notification. All teachers and other impacted staff must have an opportunity to participate in the vote and the vote must receive 80% approval from teachers and other impacted staff. Once the vote happens, the principal and school rep must record the results in the eform. Please note that your SBO has not been approved until you receive a letter from the CAO indicating all other conditions and approvals have been met.