• Frequently Asked Questions

    The PSASA Contract

    1)   Where can I get a copy of the PSASA Contract?

    Members can find the contract posted under the PSASA contract link in the School Leader section of City Schools Inside. 

    2)   Where can I go for information on interval movement and the new salary scales?

     Information on interval movement can be found on pages 9-12 of the new contract. The new salary scales are in Appendix A which begins on page 43 of the new PSASA contract. 

    3)   How will my evaluation be uploaded for LUs? Do I upload my own evaluation?

    Evaluations will be uploaded to OPMS by the direct supervisors of PSASA members. LUs will be awarded by the Office of Human Capital based on the evaluation rating. Therefore, you do not need to upload anything to request movement. However, please consider keeping a copy of all evaluations for your records.
    For Central Office Staff and Assistant Principals: 
      •  Satisfactory evaluation = 12 LUs.
      •  Satisfactory evaluation with a newly initiated or continuing PIP = 9 LUs.
      • Unsatisfactory evaluation = 0 LUs.
     For Principals:
      • Highly-Effective Evaluation = 12 LUs.
      • Effective Evaluation = 9 LUs.
      • Developing Evaluation = 3 LUs.
      • Ineffective Evaluation = 0 LUs.

    4)  When will interval movement occur?

    Interval movement for approved LUs will be effective at the beginning of the pay cycle after approval.

    7) How many intervals can a PSASA employee move in one year?

    There is no limit to the number of intervals a PSASA employee can move in one year. Interval movement for approved LUs will be effective at the beginning of the pay cycle after approval with the exception of those LUs submitted during June. Interval movement for approved LUs during the month of June will be reviewed, approved, and made effective July 1st.
    Leadership Units

    What is a Leadership Unit?
    A Leadership Unit (LU) is a credit earned by school-based and central office PSASA members for evaluations, Member-Initiated Projects, and completed External Partner and District-Initiated Opportunities. These LUs support the movement between intervals on all career pathways.
    How will LUs be tracked?
    As LUs are earned and recorded, they will be tracked through Employee Self Service (ESS). PSASA members can log onto their ESS accounts and see the number of approved LUs they have earned.

    8)   How can PSASA employees earn LUs?

    PSASA employees can earn LUs by creating and submitting a Member-initiated Projects, engaging in LU-eligible professional development courses either as a facilitator or participant, and through the evaluation process. Please reivew the Leadership Unit Approval and Awarding Overview for more details on earning LUs.

    9)   Can I get LUs for past experiences?

    All experiences must meet the newly defined LU criteria. Prior leadership or school activities will not count as LUs.

    10Who can I contact for more information?

    You may contact the Career Pathway Service Center at (443)642-3979 for immediate support or email the PSASA Joint Governing Panel (JGP) at PSASA_JGP@bcps.k12.md.us.


    Leadership Units for Member-Initiated Projects

    Do I need to get approval from my supervisor to submit a Member-Initiated Project LU proposal?

    Supervisors do not approve the LU proposal; however, we encourage you to discuss your intended project with your supervisor before submitting your proposal. If your supervisor indicates that they do not support the project, the proposal can still be submitted to the JGP for review and consideration.  

    Can I team up with other PSASA employees to implement a Member-Initiated LU activity?

    You may work on a team with other PSASA employees to implement your LU activity. Each member of the team will need to submit an LU proposal for the activity and add the other team members in the stakeholders section of the proposal. Instructions for how to do this are highlighted in the Create LU Projects tutorial on Employee Self-Service. Each team member will be responsible for documenting his/her own implementation within the LU system, as well as submitting the activity for final LU awarding. LUs will be awarded per individual, not on behalf of the entire team.
    Who can I contact and get support from for my Member-Initiated LU proposal?
    The PSASA Joint Governing Panel (JGP) can support any questions about the Member-Initiated LU Process. psasa_jgp@bcps.k12.md.us
     Leadership Units for External and District-Initiated Projects 

    What are External and District-Initiated Opportunities?

    These are professional development programs designed by departments within City Schools or by external partners/vendors to give specialized training to school-based and central office leaders.  Leadership Units are awarded to those PSASA members who have successfully completed the required coursework and attended the mandated number of classes.

    Do these opportunities begin at a certain point in the school year (September, January, etc)?

    No. The start and end dates associated with these professional development opportunities varies throughout the year and is dependent on how frequently a particular course can be offered, demand for sessions, and length of sessions.

     How do I find out about available opportunities?

    Available courses are always posted for registration and/or application through the Leadership Action Update. In addition, principal supervisors are made aware of all development opportunities available to school-based PSASA members.

    Can I enroll in more than one Leadership Unit opportunity at a time? 

    Yes. PSASA members can participate in a variety of Leadership Unit options if the program requirements are not in conflict with one another.  Participants must review the specific attendance and time mandates attached to the desired opportunities.  If the dates, times, and workload do not conflict, then you will be able to commit to both opportunities and increase the amount of LUs you can earn in one school year.

     If I am on a PIP am I required to get supervisor approval to participate in External Partners and District-Initiated LU Opportunities?

    No. However, a participant’s supervisor should be aware that he/she is planning on applying or has applied to a program. This transparency is important in the participant’s success in the program.

     How will my attendance impact the completion of the program?

    Good attendance is always required in order to receive the full impact of the course; moreover, some programs have very specific requirements that specify participants attend ALL face-to-face sessions before LUs can be awarded.  

     Will there be an enrollment cap? If so, what is the limit?

    Most programs enroll 25-30 participants for each session.

     Can I fail at an opportunity and not receive the expected number of LUs?

    Yes. If a participant does not meet ALL criteria for course completion by the mandated deadlines, participants will forfeit the chance to receive the designated Leadership Units attached to that program.

     Are these offerings centrally located?

    Yes, the majority of offerings are located in Baltimore. Locations for these opportunities may vary and will be announced at the start of the program.

     If I have questions regarding the program or application process who should I contact?

    Please contact the JGP for any questions related to available programs. Once you have registered/applied for particular programs a contact person for that program will become available.

    For questions or additional information: psasa_jgp@bcps.k12.md.us