Enrollment Process

MATHS offers admission to all Baltimore City students who will be enrolling in grades 6 - 12.  As our name implies, we have a special focus in the areas of science and technology. We especially welcome students who share an interest in these exciting fields of study to consider attending our school.
The majority of students interested in attending MATHS participate in one of two enrollment program options. The option is determined by the grade the student will be entering in the upcoming academic year. 
CITY SCHOOLS CHOICE PROCESS for Students Entering 6th and 9th grade(s)

Students entering either the 6th or 9th grade who are interested in attending MATHS, are highly encouraged to participate in the City Schools Choice Process. This process is managed by the school system and is designed to help match students with a school that is aligned with their interests. Please select MATHS as your number one choice, as we offer Choice applicants first priority for these grade levels. Students that are not accepted through the Choice process are placed on the waiting list. As spaces become available, parents/guardians will be contacted. Please go to the Baltimore City Choice Process page to learn more about the process. After completing the Choice enrollment form, please complete the MATHS Online Enrollment Form.

LOTTERY for Students Entering 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th &12th grades

MATHS uses an annual lottery system to guide its admissions process for students interested in enrolling in grades 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12. For the 2015-2016 Academic Year, students must complete an Online Enrollment Form and submit it to the school prior to (TBA). 

2015-2016 Lottery

  • Date/Time/Location TBA

Please note that admission through the lottery system is on a space-available basis. Each year prior to the drawing, the school makes a determination regarding the estimated number of available slots per grade level. Students who are not selected are placed on a waiting list. Should a space become available, the school will contact the family. If an accepted student has a sibling, the other is offered admission as well. 

NOTEParticipation in either the Choice process or the MATHS Lottery does not guarantee admission.
OTHER Enrollment Periods
The school recognizes that a variety of circumstances may require a student to seek admission to MATHS outside of the two primary options, thus, students may apply to the school at other times during the calendar year. This is done by submitting the Online Enrollment Form. We do suggest, however, contacting the school to discuss our anticipated space availability.


If you would like to gain additional information about the school, please complete the Enrollment Information Request form or call the school at 410-545-0955. Options include attending an open house or having a student visit the school during a school day and attend a class.