Antioch Diploma Plus High School is intended for youth who have been failed by a traditional system that did not adequately nurture their gifts, curiosity, intelligence and power as learners. DP values the wealth of creativity, honesty, courage, and hopefulness our youth and their families bring. When students come to a DP School, they are making a commitment – to honor generations of struggle for the promise of education, to their families, legacies, and future. DP is an alternative in the best sense of the word. Its role is to transform students’ learning experience from what they’ve been told they can’t be to what we know they can and will be.

Many Diploma Plus students have had difficult and frustrating experiences in a traditional high school setting. Of students surveyed in 2003-04, most surveyed reported that they had struggled academically in their prior school, with some citing poor grades and low skills as reasons they were not successful. Students also experienced personal issues that made attendance and success in school difficult, including unstable living situations, involvement with the criminal justice system, mental health and substance abuse problems, and learning disabilities.

Baltimore Antioch High School, a Diploma Plus school, allows students who are over-aged and under-credited, and/or who have been unsuccessful in middle or high school to engage in an alternative high school experience that will ensure their successful completion of high school and transitioning into the community at large.