• Instructional Framework and Rubric: Applying the Teach Key Actions (hybrid learning)


    This nine-week, 2 AU course will deepen teachers understanding of the Instructional Framework's Teach domain.  Each week, participants will unpack a different Teach Key Action, and teachers will practice implementing and reflecting on strategies used in their classroom.  The Teach domain of the Instructional Framework includes the nine Key Actions below, which will be the focus of this course. 

    Week 1: Orientation Session (in-person)

    Week 2: Teach 7 - Implement routines to maximize instructional time, Teach 8 - Build a positive, learning-focused classroom culture, and Teach 9 - Reinforce positive behavior, redirect off-task behavior, and de-escalate challenging behavior

    Week 3: Teach 1 - Communicate standards-based lesson objectives

    Week 4: Teach 2 - Present content clearly

    Week 5: Teach 3 - Use strategies and tasks to engage all students in rigorous work and T6 - Facilitate student-to-student interaction and academic talk

    Week 6: Teach 4 - Use evidence-dependent questioning

    Week 7: Teach 5 - Check for understanding and provide specific, academic feedback

    Week 8: Final Portfolio Implementation & Evidence Collection

    Week 9: Final Portfolio Presentations (in-person)


    Course Offerings SY18

    This is a hybrid course, meaning there will be a blend of in-person sessions and online sessions.  In order to earn 2 AUs, participants must attend all in-person sessions on the date listed below and complete all online learning and submit all assignments on time.  We ask that you take these dates seriously as they will not be modified or adjusted.  

    Winter Session...details for SY18 course offerings coming soon!  

    Required in-person sessions: 
    Inclement weather days:  

    Spring Session...details for SY18 course offerings coming soon! 

    Required in-person sessions: 
    Inclement weather days:  

    Please be considerate of your fellow colleagues and only register for one section.


    Weekly Learning Cycle

    learning cycle


    Contact Tina Goette with course questions about the course.  Click here for more information about the Accelerated Pathway and read this FAQ.  Please email the JGP with questions.  

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