• How to Prepare for College as a 9th Grader

    Student: "Today is my first day of 9th grade, college is soooo far away.  I don't have to worry about college until the 12th grade."
    College Counselor: "Planning for college starts today, your first day of 9th grade.  Everything matters from the classes you take, the grades you get, the activities that you participate in, and even the attitude that you have toward the adults around you."
    Student: "Really?"
    College Counselor: "Yes.  Colleges make their decisions during your senior year, so you have 9-11th grade to show them who your are."
    Student: "Oh. I did not realize that.  I want to have some choices, so I better get it together."
    College Counselor: "Remember to take challenging courses, work hard on your grades, and balance that with some meaningful and gratifying activities to round yourself out.  Don't do too much of any one thing, or spread yourself to thin, find that balance between academics, social, and extracurricular."
    Student: "Thanks for the advice.  Now I actually have to put this into action."

    As a 9th grader there are several things that you can do to prepare for college:
    • During the summers, it is important for students to do more than just sit at home and watch reruns.  Summer enrichment programs, internships, and meaningful volunteerism is always great. Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy students always have wonderful paid summer internship opportunities available. 9th graders are included. These opportunities include working at hospitals, medical centers, and research facilities.  However, students are selected based on their academic and behavioral performance.  The same standards that help students get into college is what propels them to these unique experiences.  I have also included other resources for summer enrichment programs in which your student may show interest.
    • Begin using websites such as CollegeBoard to help you with researching schools based on various criteria.  This website is also great for early test prep for the SAT.  You can sign-up for the SAT question of the day and other mailings based on you and your childs interest. 
    • If your child is not doing well academically, do not wait to seek help.  We offer Saturday school for support, Blackboard is available for student assignments, students have the ability to redo major assignments, and coach class. 
    • Make sure your child arrives to school on time daily.  Think about this: 15 minutes late to school x 5 days per week = 60 minutes of instruction lost.  That is equal to one full class.  If students practice regular attendance in high school allows students to continue on that track in life.