• Your School Website

    Telling Your Story to Your Families, Community and Beyond

    A parent visits your website looking for information about a school event. A parent moving to the neighborhood browses the web to find out about school options for his or her children. A Baltimore business searches for opportunities to partner on a community service project. Halfway around the world, someone enters a search term—and lands on your website.

    It's impossible to know just who is visiting your school online, or exactly why. So it's important that your site accurately reflect the many things going on at your school. Your site is a source of information for families of current students, as well as a tool to market your school to prospective families, partners and the community. For many visitors, your website is their first impression of your school. Put your best face forward!

    The district's communications team offers these top tips for a great website:

    • Keep it current. If a website still has a "Welcome back to school" message front and center on its homepage in November, visitors will get the impression that there isn't much going on at the school.  Change the homepage often, and make sure announcements and other information are not outdated.

    • Make it full of news and information. There's a lot going on at your school. Make sure your website shows it all! Encourage teachers to develop their own pages. Ask every after-school club or activity to contribute a description. And, of course, post information about your school's mission, budget, achievement, events...and more.

    • Be lively. Use color and, if possible, multimedia. Your students will love seeing their pictures online—and offering to publish their best art, writing or video productions could be a great motivator for great work.

    • Proofread. Check and double-check your webpages, and make sure they are free of errors. A typo or grammatical error may seem a small thing to a web manager building dozens of webpages...but it could be a big thing to a parent looking for a school with high standards of instruction. Consider using the website as an example for students by showing them how writing should be polished before it's published.

    Support for Your Site

    The district's communications team provides workshops for school web managers every Wednesday from 1:30 to 3 p.m. in the basement computer lab at the district office. Staff is available to help you get the most out of the Schoolwires content management system and to provide expert advice on developing and maintaining a great site. If workshops are not convenient for you, individual training sessions can be arranged, either at the district office or on site at your school. Please contact the district communications team for help and training with school websites. 
    And more: City Schools Inside offers an area for web managers to share ideas and access tutorials, register for training and more. A log-in is required; please contact us if you need log-in assistance. A monthly newsletter also provides additional resources for web managers and teachers.