• Attendance

    Class Attendance

    Students are required to attend all assigned classes while on school premises. Students can notexcuse themselves from class. Students must get permission from the subject teacher to attend, see,or participate in any activity outside of the classroom during the scheduled period. The student isresponsible for providing the main office with a written excuse from the parent/guardian afterhe/she has been absent. A student who will be absent from class because of a school-relatedactivity (e.g. a field trip, a conference, or an assembly) must first be excused by the teacher. Thestudent is responsible for requesting make-up work for assignments missed while absent. Thisrequest must be made within three days of their return to class.

    It is imperative that students be present for class! When you miss class you are missing importantinstructional time. While you can attend coach class and Saturday School there is no substitute forparticipating in the full lesson provided by your teacher. Lessons are designed to give students themaximum amount of information gained through interacting with your peers. When you do nothave this interaction your learning is negatively impacted. Excuse notes are to be turned in to themain office, this information is then shared with teachers.


    Each student is required to attend school and classes on time. Accumulation of latenessses maylimit a student’s educational potential and result in subject failure. Teachers should contact parentsof students who are continuously late for class.

    When you are late you interrupt the school and classroom environment. It is not fair to otherstudents who have arrived on time. If you are late:

    • quietly knock on the door and wait patiently for the teacher to respond
    • give the teacher your late pass and sign-in the late log book
    • quietly take your seat and wait for instruction

    Do Not:

    • bang/kick on the door
    • talk to/distract students who are already in the room
    • interrupt to ask questions
    • become impatient with the teacher if he/she does not immediately catch you up

    Remember you are the one who is late! The teacher is not obligated to stop everything to addressyou or catch you up. That would interrupt the lesson and cause everyone else to miss out. If youhave missed a large part of the lesson it is your responsibility to attend coach class and make up thework you have missed.

    School Attendance

    The law requires students to attend school 180 days during the school year. There are two kinds ofabsences: excused and unexcused. When a student is absent, he/she is to bring a written excuse stating the reason for the absence and signed by the parent/guardian or physician. Within three days of the student’s return to school, the signed excuse must be presented to the school secretary in the main office. The excuse should include the student’s name, class number, reason for absenceand phone number where the parent/guardian may be reached for verification. The note will thenbe submitted to the attendance monitor so that the excused absence will be computer recorded.

    Attendance is one of the main ingredients to success. If you are not present then you missimportant instructional time. This time can not always be made-up. Students who miss a great dealof school end up with low or failing grades and are less prepared for post-secondary study (college).

    Lawful Absences

    • Death in the immediate family
    • Illness of the student (a physician’s certificate is required for continuous absents for illness)
    • Court summons
    • Observance of a religious holiday
    • State emergency
    • Hazardous weather conditions
    • Approved work or other activity sponsored by the school
    • Suspension
    • Lack of authorized transportation

    Unlawful Absences

    Reasons for absence not denoted under “lawful absences” will be coded as unlawful. Someexplanations for unlawful absence may represent “real” reasons for the absence. In terms of theattendance laws, the explanations are not a lawful basis for absence.

    • After three unexplained absences within any period of five consecutive school days, the schoolwill contact the student’s parent/guardian to determine the reason for the absence and whetheradditional assistance is needed.
    • After five unexcused absences in a month, the school will request a meeting with theparent/guardian in an attempt to address the problem.
    • If the student continues to be unlawfully absent, the case may be referred to the Office ofAttendance and Suspension Services for possible court action.


    We have a web-based attendance system that tracks tardies, absences, class cutting, andlost/stolen IDs by email and text message. School begins at 7:45 AM. Students are expected tobe in their seats ready for the days lesson at 7:45 AM. Any student who is not in their seats whenthe bell rings is considered to be late. Students entering the building at 7:43 AM or later will beissued a late pass. Parents may register to track their child's attendance by signing up for a parentaccount at www.swipek12.com. Click on the link at the top right that reads "Need a parentlogin?" This systems gives parents the ability to check their student’s attendance through out theschool day, week, month, and semester without calling the main office.