• Vision Statement

    The Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy will graduate students who are academically prepared and motivated for the rigors of college and the fields of mathematics and science. After mastering a wide range of prerequisite skills, our graduates will be ready to enter college or the work force in entry-level careers in science and health. In addition, our graduates will have built a knowledge base of ideas, experiences and application through both internships and externships that address their needs and interests. As a result, they will be adept in working both independently and collaboratively. Our students will also use diagnostic results to take an active part in developing an individualized learning plan that is prescribed to help them achieve at the highest potentials. The teachers at the Medical Arts Academy High School will facilitate this learning by providing high quality instruction, which engages students in curriculum that is challenging, authentic, and relevant. By fostering a nurturing environment, teachers will be empowered with a knowledge and understanding of students’ emotional, academic, and social strengths and needs. Furthermore, using this knowledge, teachers will tailor instruction and develop alternate programs to meet students’ personal goals and ensure their continued growth, development and success.

    Mission Statement

    • prepare students for the challenges of the twenty-first century, specifically in the areas of computer literacy and technology in the health related professions.
    • help students meet and or exceed the requirements of the Maryland University System by applying higher level thinking skills to internships, externships, advanced placement classes, and academically rigorous coursework.
    • develop Students Success Plans that address students' physical, academic, emotional and social strengths and needs as they engage in becoming members of a community of life long learners.
    • deliver high quality instruction through pertinent professional development that meets students' academic and social needs.
    • establish course sequences and experiences designed to prepare students for advanced levels of achievement as measured by national, state, local and classroom assessments.
    • provide extra-curricular activities, projects, research assignments, and competitions to prepare students to work independently as well as collaboratively.
    • develop partnerships in the community to provide authentic and applicable internships and externships.
    • structure interdisciplinary teams to foster community engagement, parental involvement and small supportive structures for student success.
    • engage all stakeholders in a continuous school development and improvement process.
    • provide current information on post high school careers and college information in the health related professions.