Reginald F. Lewis High School #419
6401 Pioneer Drive
Baltimore, MD 21214


Principal/Lead: Principal /Líder Mr. Daric V. Jackson

Phone #/
Teléfono: 410-545-1746School Number/ Numero de la Escuela 
FAX/Facímile: 410-254-2949
School # 419

The mission of the school is to foster a small, professional learning community in which staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders collaborate to ensure the personal, academic and professional success of each student. Motto /

School Spirit
Successful schools have a climate that is conducive to learning.  All students take pride in the school's motto, mascot, class colors, grade level colors and the school song.

School Motto: 
"Keep Going No Matter What" 
School Mascot: The Soaring Falcon
School Colors: Black, Silver, Gold, and White
School Song: Dear RFLDear RFL
We hail to the
We'll proudly raise our colors high
With faith in all we do
Your glory we'll proclaim
We'll cherish love and honor thee
And ever praise thy name.