• Civitas Academics

    In order to focus ALL stakeholders on graduating engaged citizens, Civitas has generated the following goals for its graduates. This is meant to be a living document, so these may evolve as our community reflects on them.

    An engaged citizen:

    1. Is articulate on the Essential Questions and concepts of government and democracy
    2. Can organize and facilitate groups in achieving a purpose
    3. Can describe the inner workings of governments and its historical developments
    4. Is an empowered member of their communities
    5. Understands the many ways in which societies change
    6. Demonstrates a sense of responsibility for the common good

    A literate citizen can…

    1. Synthesize various perspectives
    2. Make a persuasive verbal, written, and graphic argument
    3. Read anything with understanding
    4. Develop critical and quantitative point of view
    5. Demonstrate a sophisticated understanding and mastery of the writer’s craft
    6. Demonstrate mastery of rhetoric and logic
    7. Synthesize and evaluate a large body of data

    A numerate citizen…

    1. Can use mathematics to model phenomenon; Can use models to explain the interaction of numbers
    2. Understands the use of and uses mathematics to make an argument
    3. Can reflect on their own thinking in order to correct and improve their mathematics
    4. Is fluent with mathematical technologies

    A critical thinker:

    1. Can identify and solve problems where hypotheses must be formed and tested
    2. Can apply ideals of Civitas when evaluating policies, practices, or proposed to solutions to problems
    3. Reflects on their own and others’ actions in ways that change practice
    4. Can make connections between abstract ideas and real-life experiences
    5. Can compare the perspective in any form of media to their own
    6. Can plan, anticipating obstacles and examining short and long terms impacts