• School Information

    Principal: Tammy Mays

    Phone Number
    : 443-642-2938

    School Colors: Grey and Green

    Motto: "Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow"

    Mission: Our mission is to graduate students prepared for college and careers in public service.


    Academic excellence at Civitas MiddlelHigh School is founded on a partnership between students, staff, and parents. As a community of learners, we work to ensure theintellectual, ethical, physical, social and emotional growth of each student. Our staff members strive to meet the unique developmental needs of young adolescents in a positive school climate. Students and teachers are organized into grade level teams, which help create small learning environments where supportive, mutually respectful relationships flourish.
    Creative Arts classes offered during the day and after school activities are provided to meet the varied interests, boundless energy, and curiosity of our students. High expectations are held for all students to meet rigorous academic standards and become lifelong learners.

    Civitas Middle/High School is a great place for students to learn. Students are understood, challenged and cared for. We are committed to ensuring that students achieve their academic and personal potential. Students are encouraged to demonstrate a passion for learning in a nurturing environment where unique talents and backgrounds of individuals are valued and respected.

    Tammy Mays, Principal