Middle and High School Choice

  • The School Choice Process (Choice) is the way students in Baltimore City choose the middle or high school they will attend.  Choice allows students and families to explore school options and find the right school according to their abilities and interests. Each year, nearly 8,000 rising 5th and 8th students receive school placements through the Choice Process.
    While students at all grade levels have their choice of schools which they can exercise through traditional transfers, this toolkit deals specifically with the annual Choice Process which places students into middle and high school entry grades (matriculating 5th and 8th graders).
    School staff can support students participating in the Choice Process by implementing the following:
    • Help students learn about different school options by directing them to the City Schools Choice website, inviting them to attend the annual Choice Fair, and encouraging their participation at various open houses.
    • Make sure that students understand different admission types and their eligibility to attend different school options by making sure the Choice Guide as well as applications for various charter schools are available to students and families
    • Explain to students the Choice Process and  the importance of ranking their school selections by hosting a Choice Night or school assembly dedicated to the Choice Process
    • Assist parents in completing applications at parent application sessions or encourage them to attend a district application help session
    • Attend Student Choice System training to fully understand data entry requirements
    • Collect and submit all Choice Applications by the deadline indicated
    • Ensure that every student has received a letter from City Schools by early March indicating which of their school choices they will be attending the following school year and direct students and families with additional questions to the Office of Enrollment, Choice and Transfers