• Equal Employment Opportunity and Compliance

    What we do

    The EEO Compliance team within the Legal Office provides training on a variety of equal employment opportunity topics. These topics include sexual harassment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and various types of discrimination. Staff members also

    • Develop and administer programs that support compliance with federal, state, and local laws governing equal opportunity
    • Investigate complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and violations of Title IX in an independent and impartial manner
    • Review requests for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act in an independent and impartial manner
    • Update any Board policies/procedures on equal opportunity topics
    • Disseminate Board equal opportunity policies


    Contact information

    Room 208, 200 E. North Avenue
    Phone 410-396-8542
    Fax 410-396-2955 or 410-659-7199