• Growing Great Leaders: School Leadership Development

    Advancing leadership within City Schools

    “Growing Great Leaders affords me the opportunities to get a taste of what [school leadership] is like while providing a lot of support to help me grow and develop further.”         - 2013-14 Growing Great Leaders participant

    Strong, dynamic leaders set the tone for success in our schools. They create environments where:
    • Every student has access to excellent teaching and learning;
    • Students graduate college and career ready;
    • Talented people are supported, developed and retained; and
    • Families and communities are engaged.

    Great schools require strong leadership both within and outside of the classroom. 

    City Schools continues to build a culture that cultivates, recognizes and supports effective leadership. To that end, City Schools created Growing Great Leaders: School Leadership Development initiative to identify and cultivate aspiring leaders with high potential for school leadership in the future. 

    Through Growing Great Leaders, City Schools will: 

    1. Retain our most talented staff - Increase skills and retention of our most talented school-based staff members
    2. Prepare strong candidates for leadership - Increase the pool of qualified candidates with proven skills for school leadership
        positions; improve support and resources for school leadership teams 
    3. Increase retention of school leaders, specifically principals - Better prepare and identify school match for incoming principals  

    As a teacher, how will Growing Great Leaders benefit me?

            ü  Develop your leadership skills and provide direct exposure to specific school leadership
                  responsibilities in a lower-stakes way before you become a principal
            ü  Provide you with the opportunity to make a greater impact at your school by leading other
            ü  Creates opportunities to collaborate with like-minded peers in other schools and district office
    Growing Great Leaders benefits both teachers and school leaders. If you are a interested in learning more about becoming a school leader please contact Lisa Bishop, Director-School Leader Effectiveness in the Office of Human Capital at lkbishop@bcps.k12.md.us