• Employee and Labor Relations

    The Department of Employee and Labor Relations serves to assure the appropriate administration of the policies and procedures of Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) and the negotiated bargaining agreements with the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners. In addition, this office serves to facilitate and support the mission and goals of City Schools through interaction with its various subdivisions, partners, and employees.

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    Team Members
    Jerome Jones, Manager of Labor Relations
    Lydia Henderson, Labor Associate
    Mary Ellen Johnson, Labor Associate
    Cassandra Vincent, HC Associate

    Bargaining Units in Baltimore City Public Schools

    Updated – May 2013

    Regulations provide that there may be up to 2 certificated units, up to 3 non-certificated units, and a School Police unit.  The 2 certificated units are BTU and PSASA.  The non-certificated units are CUB, L44, and PSRP. An employee must accept his or her union assignment because it is a condition of an employee’s position, is based on state regulations, and is approved by the Board.

    For employees in a union, pay rates, working hours, overtime eligibility, holiday schedule, leave accruals, and City Schools’ benefits will not change at this time.  Your employment conditions will remain the same until a new union contract is negotiated, approved and ratified.  Once the terms and conditions are finalized in the new union contract, you will be advised in writing of any changes in these areas that may apply to you. 

    Bargaining Units (Unions)
     In 2010, the School Board approved changes to the composition of various City Schools bargaining units. The changes were based on Maryland regulations that provide that certain School Board employees be assigned to collective bargaining units based on their job and certification requirements. The reassignment effort was commonly referred to as Unit Composition.  
    • For a chart of Member Dues and Service Fees by union (as of February 2013), click here.

    Below are the current negotiated agreements between City Schools and the six bargaining units (Unions) City Schools works with. Any positions not covered by a union contract are called “Unaffiliated.” The City Schools bargaining units are the:

    Baltimore Teacher's Union (BTU)

    “Teachers” includes certificated professionals with primary focus on delivery of instruction, direct instructional support, or related services.

    Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel (PSRP)

    In 2010, the name of the BTU Paraprofessional Unit changed to Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel (PSRP) unit, recognizing the inclusion of employees in office, administrative, and professional positions. This includes non-certificated, non-supervisory professional, office, clerical, and administrative support positions in schools and central office as well as the traditional paraprofessionals such as paraeducators, non-instructional assistants, team support paraprofessionals, special education assistants, licensed therapy assistants, and school aides. 

    Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PSASA)

    The Public School Administrators & Supervisors Association (PSASA) includes certificated academic administrators and supervisors.

    City Union of Baltimore (CUB)

    The City Union of Baltimore (CUB) includes non-certificated supervisory positions.

    AFSCME Local 44

    The Local 44 unit includes non-certificated, non-supervisory positions that involve service and maintenance support.

    Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

    The FOP unit will include School Police Officer I and II, School Police Corporal, School Police Sergeant, and School Police Lieutenant.

    Unaffiliated (GSS)

    Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) regulations provide that all City Schools employees must be assigned to bargaining units with the exception of employees whose positions are classified as confidential and/or managerial.

    • A position is confidential if the job responsibilities involve access to specific information regarding the City Schools' collective bargaining process. A position is managerial if the primary job responsibilities of the position involve system level decision making.
    • There is no negotiated agreement that covers Unaffiliated employees. For information around City Schools and job expectations, please refer to your position description, any handbooks created by your department, and the City Schools Employee Handbook.