• NEMS is in search of volunteers and persons that would like to pitch in offering, assistance and help in planning two events geared towards mother/guardians & daughter (manicure night) and father/guardian and son (dinner). If you would like to offer your assistance and help or have a service you would like to render, contact Mr. Moore.
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NEMS Holds 2nd Quarter Awards Luncheon
On February 18, 2014, Tuesday, the atmosphere in the media center was serene. Hours before the awardees and their parents  have to come inside, Ms. Paulette Hendricks, schools social worker, and Ms. Monica Williams, school counselor, and together with Ms. Stephanie, were busy putting up and preparing  the place and the food. It is the school's moments with its students who have striven their best academically during the second quarter, and everyone was happy for the event to happen. Then one by one came in to fill in the tables-- parents, relatives and guests, on their silent eyes were smiles of gratitude and excitement: grateful as a family member would have received a recognition and excited for an achievement. The awardees were called up and they started coming. Upon their entrance to the center, some students were surprised to see family members welcoming.  As the program was about to start, everyone was settled and ready. Ms. Williams welcomed everyone for their  program attendance, and Ms. Hendricks said the words of encouragements and let honorees speak out to describe themselves in one adjective. After that, Principal Baldwin gave the certificates to the awardees. As each honoree stood up to receive his token, the audiences clapped their hands for a job well done. Then, the saying of the silent grace followed, and everyone went to enjoy the luncheon.  
Northeast Middle School Teachers and Staff Attend "Capturing Kids' Hearts"
Three days of professional training and self-examination happened to be the underlying theme of "Capturing Kids' Hearts" with the Flippen Group through facilitator Sean.  It took place at Huber Memorial Church last October 17-19, 2013. Teachers and staff are taught advanced ways on how to handle students' behavior in school and in the classroom through effective approaches defined by E.X.C.E.L. methodology and guided questioning. To effectively implement the program, attendees are told to have a positive attitude and outlook in their everyday experiences. Further, the program emphasizes the creation of a social contract to be the foremost foundation governing all actions in the classroom or in the school.