September, 2014 
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck 

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year at Hampsead Hill Academy

Hampstead Hill Academy is one of Baltimore’s finest schools.  We are a safe school with a caring, talented faculty focused on teaching students what they need to know and be able to do to succeed.  Even in the early elementary grades, our eye is on high school, college and career readiness.  We want what you want for your child, the very best opportunities and choices life has to offer.  To achieve this, we need your help in several areas:

1.  Attendance is everything.  We can’t do our job unless your child comes to school regularly.  You need to send your child to school EVERY DAY school is in session or he/she will miss what is needed to move forward.

2.  Make certain your child has enough space, time and support from you at home to study and do his/her homework. 

3.  On school nights, insist that your child get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast, whether at home or school, and come to school ready to learn with a positive attitude.

4.   Read with your child each day, and encourage independent reading. Even older students like to read together.  Pick a good book and make it part of your afternoon or evening routine. 

5.  Practice grade-appropriate math facts, simple addition and subtraction and/or multiplication and division with your child. 

If the great start we had last week is any indication of what to expect, we will have a wonderful year full of learning and community.  We welcome you and thank you for choosing Hampstead Hill Academy.