December, 2014 
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck

Choosing HHA Middle School
for Your Child

Rising 6th grade students have various middle school choices.  Students may decide to continue their studies at HHA, attend parochial or independent schools, or citywide programs such as Ingenuity or Advanced Academic.  The overwhelming majority of students attending HHA in 5th grade decide to return for 6th grade.  In fact, in recent years, students have returned to HHA from Ingenuity and declined to attend private school.  Reasons to stay at HHA include rigorous academic programming and great teachers, admission to the very best high schools in the Baltimore area, the convenience of knowing HHA’s procedures, access to HHA’s administrators, our friendly and comforting climate and culture, friends your child has known for years, and a middle school program that prepares your child for high school. 

The Leaders Go Places (LGP) program provides your child with small group high school advisory, access to weekly assemblies, special speakers, and targeted help with important note taking and organizational skills.  In addition, LGP tracks your child’s grade point average (GPA), behavior and attendance and service learning hours.  Success in these three areas means rewards including academic trips to Washington and Philadelphia and community-building trips to Hershey Park and the beach.  Depending on your child’s GPA, behavior and attendance, and service learning hours, he/she may earn a leadership level – bronze, silver, gold or platinum.  Students on leadership level receive special uniform shirts, pins, and their picture posted in the hall of fame.  We know you have middle school choices, and we hope you choose to stay with us!  See Mr. Hornbeck or   Mrs. Seymour, HHA’s Guidance Counselor, with comments or questions. 

 HHA Students Visit Towson University

 HHA Middle School Students Visit Towson University as Part of College Awareness Month