April 3, 2017
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck
Budget Update
Thanks to the hard work and repeated rallying of more than 150 members of our school community, joined with thousands of others across the City, more than $60M of what is now a $100M deficit has been restored.  At HHA, this means that about $555K of an approximate $1M cut will be restored.  Because we are at scale, housed in a City-owned building, receive a revenue-based per pupil amount as a charter and can roll our dollars over year-to-year, we are many times better off than most schools in the City or County.  However, along with our partners at BUILD, BEC and BEE, we are keeping the pressure on. There is a strong likelihood that City Council President Jack Young may be able to commit another $10M to City Schools next year. 

HHA’s School Family Council (SFC) will review our submitted budget Wednesday, April 19th.  Next year, we are projected to serve 772 students overall, with 726 K-8 students.  In these tough financial times when education budgets are tight, you should continue to set high expectations for your child’s school. Thanks to our outstanding programming and staff, great reputation in the neighborhood and frugal planning, our school will continue to be top notch.  Believe in HHA and believe that every neighborhood school should have what we have! 

Please join us Wednesday, April 19th at 3pm at the School Family Council meeting to review the submitted budget.