October 1, 2015 
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck
Charter Funding

The Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) and HHA believe funding for charter schools in Baltimore City should be fair.  No traditional school should have to do with less or to close because charters receive more than their fair share, and no charter should have to do with less or to close because traditional schools receive more than their fair share.  In fact, we believe all schools should unite and advocate in Annapolis and at City Hall for more funding for all City Schools’ students – let’s make the pie bigger! 

About a third of charters in the City, but not BCP schools, have sued City Schools for more money.   City Schools recently withdrew a charter funding proposal that, if applied, would have closed a number of high performing charters and high performing traditional schools.  Mayor Rawlings-Blake enlisted former Mayor Kurt Schmoke to bring the seemingly opposite sides to the negotiating table, search for common ground and figure out a funding solution that works for all kids.  HHA stands with the Mayor’s decision to intervene, improve communication, agree on a common set of facts about funding, and build a stable, transparent, fair funding formula that can be applied to all schools. 
You can see me to further discuss this issue or listen to my conversation with Marc Steiner at http://www.steinershow.org/podcasts/education/charter-schools-in-baltimore/.