February 1, 2015 
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck

Budget Crisis - Call to Action

Newly elected Governor Larry Hogan submitted his first budget last week.  As part of an effort to close a $750M gap in the state budget, the Governor is proposing a $35M cut to City Schools.  This would result in 400 City Schools’ teachers being laid off.  That would have a devastating impact on our schools.  HHA stands to lose more than $375K per year unless the cuts are restored. 

What can you do?  Call your elected officials, including the Governor, to demand that City Schools be a priority in the state budget.  Read the letter about the budget crisis from City Schools CEO Gregory Thornton.  Participate in a campaign that will take place very soon to send postcards to elected representatives.  Come to Annapolis with HHA administrators, teachers, parents and students to protest the cuts with all the other counties. Talk with your neighbors.  Write an op-ed.  I will keep you informed of all campaigns that are taking place and how you can help. Stand up for quality schools for your child.