June, 2014
From: Matt Hornbeck, Principal
Expanding HHA - Please Sign the Letter and Return to the HHA Main Office
We need your voice!  Please sign the attached letter in support of expanding HHA and return it to the main office ASAP. Our community hopes to expand our great school by leasing the former Canton Middle School at 801 S. Highland Avenue, which sits inside our attendance area.  As you know F.A.S.T. is closing after this year and that campus is slated for a complete renovation including an addition.  One goal is to have the governance of the new school determined by August 2014 in time for an important feasibility study.  If BCP/HHA will operate the campus, we want to engage the larger southeast community and City Schools in the development of construction plans that meet the needs of specific academic programming.  For example, if our present campus serves Prek-2 and the new campus serves 3-8, the new campus would not need restroom facilities for little kids. 
Also, we are thinking about community interest in an ESOL newcomer center, an Ingenuity program for advanced math and science students, and an IB program for advanced humanities students.  We would also have the space for a middle school radio station.  If those programs are needed/wanted in the southeast, the construction plans would be tailored to meet those needs.  If HHA expands, there would be at least 800 new seats available by a yet-to-be-determined lottery process to reduce overcrowding in the southeast.  The earliest an expanded HHA campus would open is August 2018.  We would suggest phasing in students at about 200 new students per year from 2018 through 2022.  Remember to sign and return the attached letter!


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