December 1, 2016
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck
The country elected Donald Trump president.  Without being partisan, it is always our job as professionals to make our students feel safe and loved. Our teachers listen to what your children say in circles and help them process what the policy discussions may mean.  We have asked our staff to consider some of the statements made by the President-Elect during the campaign and to view his words through the eyes of our students.  A central plank of the President-Elect’s campaign was to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out and to deport 11 million immigrants currently living and working in our country.  Some of our students and their families fear what this means for them today and tomorrow.  Misogyny came up over and over during the campaign. Many of our girls and their mothers and grandmothers as well as the boys and men in our school community are shocked and troubled by statements made by the President-Elect.  Finally, the religious intolerance expressed in the discussion of a ban on or registry of Muslims is antithetical to our work at HHA.  These confusing messages from the President-Elect may raise questions from your children.  Please focus on Mr. Trump's acceptance speech where he said he wants the country to come together.  We all have a lot of work to do on that front.  In this season of thanksgiving, I want the entire HHA community - staff, parents, and students – to know how deeply proud I am of our work getting our girls and boys ready for success in high school, college and their chosen career.  I am grateful to be a part of our collective effort to make HHA a sanctuary for learning, joy and love.  Building for a better future for our children and grandchildren is what pushes us forward.