• PSASA Contract Overview   

    The Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PSASA) contract  was collabortaively created with City Schools. This contract provides PSASA Professionals with opportunities to follow differentiated career pathways and incentives that encourage PSASA Professionals to develop and grow into leaders in the district and in their profession. PSASA Members are encouraged to review their contract annually and to visit the PSASA website frequently for updates and information from the union. 

    The PSASA Union, in partnership with City Schools Central Office, support the implementation of the PSASA Union contract through the Joint Oversight Committee (JOC) and Joint Governing Panel (JGP) both staffed by union and district representatives. Jointly these groups are charged with establishing, and executing, the contract and its vision for PSASA member growth and development. The following graphic highlights the PSASA Union JOC and JGP management structure.
    PSASA Management Structure
    Collectively, the JOC and JGP work to implement the key responsibilities of the JGP, as outlined in the PSASA Union contract:

    Key Responsibilities as outlined in the contract (pg. 39-40):

    “Adopt a LU development process consistent with standards for systems of support, professional development and professional learning communities which include evaluation systems to determine their effectiveness based on multiple measures that

    o   Provide a continuum of support based on a Unit II member’s ability to meet standards and the career stage of the Unit II member.

    o   Are aligned with the applicable professional standards.

    o   Use and are informed by evaluation data.

    o   Are intensive and ongoing.

    o   Give Unit II members a say in improving the system based on regular and timely feedback.

    o   Engage with ideas and colleagues as part of the normal workday.


    Develop a menu of LUs for Unit II members including, but not limited to, the following categories:

    o   Effectiveness in building professional learning communities;

    o   Success raising student achievement;

    o   Engagement in professional learning/development;

    o   Contributions to colleagues; and

    o   Overall contributions to the school and district.

     Implement a system to track Unit II members’ accumulation of LUs.

    Adopt a rubric for movement to Transformational and Distinguished Pathways to be used by the Professional Review Committee to evaluate the scope and impact of professional practice.

    Designate the roles and responsibilities that Transformational and Distinguished employees will assume, consistent with the strengths of the Transformational or Distinguished employee.

    Assist the School-Based Option waiver process and implementation.

    Review committee work will be during regular work day.”[1]

    [1] The JGP will determine a regular meeting schedule that is conducive to individual members’ primary responsibilities. 


    In addition to the PSASA resources linked above, the links located in the menu to the left provide information on Career Pathway movement and Leadership Unit accrual for PSASA members.  
    For questions about the JOC or JGP, please contact the PSASA JGP at psasa_jgp@bcps.k12.md.us .