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    Greetings Parents, Guardians, Students, Community and Staff!

                As I reflect on the past, I realize our program is very much like our physical bodies.  As both get older, they mature and grow.  They change and continuously readjust to their environment and to those physical and environmental challenges that are an ever-present fact of life for human beings and the institutions they create. 

               From the outside looking in, we may see the outward appearances of age in both.  As human beings, when we get older we see the lines in our faces, the graying of our hair, the thinning of our skin.  We try to cover up those things that we feel are affecting the way others may perceive us.  Just like we are quick to find fault with our aging bodies, in our program we are also quick to notice the weathered exterior, the cracked paint and the loose bricks.  We are sharply aware of the windows that let in too much heat or cold.  We observe with dismay the tapestries of the cover that are used to “beautify” our environment. 

              But what we don’t see, what isn’t so easily detected, are the changes that have occurred below the surface, the maturation and development of character that is slowly but surely transforming us from within. We ought to celebrate these for what they are, for in our own way we have paid for them dearly. Just as pilgrims venerate ancient shrines that bear witness to years of struggle, upheaval, and countless blessings small and large, we should be able to gaze upon these inward manifestations of the love and wisdom that time has brought to us. We also need to recognize that where we most need to grow and improve is not so quickly or easily papered over as our facade.

    So we must admit that while altering the external looks of our program may be a quick fix, in order to make the most meaningful and lasting change, we must go deeper and revamp from within.  I’d like to think that it gets smarter, wiser.  After all, with age comes wisdom.


    Ms. Rosa Carmon, Principal

    “The fountain of youth is your mind, talents and the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of those around you.” Sophia Laurenv


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