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Today I would like to focus on “bullying.” A common image of bullying might be of a physically threatening boy beating up a smaller classmate or of one child shoving another in a hallway, in a classroom or on the bus stop. While that is still considered bullying, bullying behaviors can be much more complex and diverse than ordinary stereotypes.  For example, some bullying is physical and easy to recognize such as fighting, hitting, or name calling, but bullying can also happen quietly and covertly, through gossiping, leaving someone out on purpose or on a smart phone or the internet, causing emotional damage.  Bullying behaviors hurt, humiliate, or harm another person physically or emotionally. Persons who are targeted by the behavior have difficulty stopping the action directed at them, and struggle to defend themselves.  It is important to understand that bullying is not just about the implications for those targeted by the behaviors, but that the behavior can impact all students in the school, including those who witness the behavior and those who engage in it. Bullying can negatively impact a child’s access to education and lead to higher rates of absenteeism, lower grades, inability to concentrate and an increase in the dropout rate.

          As a school, we stand in unity against bullying.  Bullying demonstrates behaviors that cannot and will not be tolerated.  Bullying is against the law.  It is now considered a punishable act against the rights of others.  As the weather gets warmer and our students spend more time outside, many experience bullying, many students exhibit bullying behaviors themselves or witness bullying taking place.  Please spend time discussing with your children the effects of bullying and your stand on the topic. Become their advocate if they are bullied, or if they demonstrate bullying characteristics, give them the support they need to stand up for others rights. You are the most important resource your child has. Through unity, respect and empathy, bullying can be prevented.

“It is never too late to dream or to start something new”.

Luci Swindoll


Rosa Carmon, M.S., M.Ed. 


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