Dear George Washington Elementary School (GWES) Families,

Welcome back to a brand new school year! I hope you and your children enjoyed a great summer. We look forward to seeing all of our GWES students, families and community partners when school starts on, Monday, August 26th at 7:45 AM with all of our students and families meeting on the GWES blacktop.


It is with great honor that I officially announce my arrival as the new principal of our wonderful school, George Washington Elementary, and to express how incredibly excited I am to work with, and for, our students, parents, extended families and community partners. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be your partner and leader, to work by your side to ensure the 2013-2014 school year is an amazing and powerful learning experience for every child we serve.

As a former resident of the Pigtown/Washington Village community, I am so excited to be back in this great neighborhood, a place of hard-working, kind and family oriented people. I believe, deep in my heart, that all Baltimore City children are our future. Together they compose the next generation of leaders in the fields of business, education, law, medicine, mathematics, science and public service. For our students, the sky is truly the limit and I look forward to working with every family and community partner to ensure that every child receives a safe, challenging and exciting education.


With the transition in leadership, I understand many of you have questions, ideas and thoughts to share about our upcoming school year. As of now, we are working diligently to ensure our school is fully prepared for all of our students returning to us on Monday, August 26th. In the meantime, I want to share three communication channels that you can reach me through:

·         GWES School Number: 410-396-1445

·         My email address: cmturk@bcps.k12.md.us


As the school year approaches, I want to provide you with a few key pieces of information.

1.      Attached you will find a list of essential school supplies for our students.

2.      The uniform policy remains the same. All GWES students are expected to be dressed in a white polo with blue khakis or a blue skirt. Additionally, the following items are prohibited per the 2012-2013 Baltimore City Code of Conduct:

·         Bedtime Apparel: Pajama-type attire, undershirts or other bedtime attire are not allowed during the school day or during school-sponsored activities

·         Footwear: Footwear such as slippers, thongs, “Heelys”, and flip-flops are not allowed during the school day or during school-sponsored activities

·         Fur and Leather: No real or imitation leather, fur or animal-skin jackets, coats, vests, pants or skirts are allowed

·         Headwear: No hats, hair rollers or hair curlers are allowed during the school day or during school sponsored activities

·         Jewelry: Because theft and loss are school security concerns, the wearing of jewelry in schools is prohibited

·         Prohibited items: Metal chains, ropes, necklaces, bracelets and rings, large or extravagant earrings and multi-fingered rings

·         Pants: Pants should be worn appropriately at the waist, without undergarments showing

·         Printed Matter on Clothes: The wearing of apparel printed with vulgar or obscene statements or statements related to the use of drugs, alcohol, sex and/or violence is not allowed

·         Shorts, Skirts and Tops: Shorts and skirts may not be shorter than fingertip length. Halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts or see-through tops are not allowed

·         Sweat Pants and Other Athletic Attire: No sweat pants or jogging pants with elastic at the bottom of the legs are allowed. No elastic fabric sportswear is allowed

·         Torn Clothing: No clothing designed or altered to expose undergarments or parts of the body except arms or legs is allowed

·         Underwear: No undergarments or parts of the body except arms or legs is allowed. Clothing should be worn so that undergarments, including boxer shorts, thongs or bras, are not exposed


3.      The entrance and exiting procedures for the school will remain the same as last school year. We will all meet on the blacktop together on opening day, Monday, August 26th at 7:45 AM. Breakfast will be served in each child’s classroom

4.      Information regarding class assignment will be prepared for every child by the opening day of school. All information will be provided to families and our children once it is finalized.


I want every family to know we will support you to ensure that your child has every instructional resource they need to excel in the classroom. Please reach out and let us know if you have any needs, questions or concerns.


Finally, I want to say again how incredibly excited I am to be working for this community and with all of our wonderful students and families. We are committed to providing all of our children with the academic knowledge, critical thinking skills and character strengths needed to succeed as they progress through K-12 schooling, college and career through a safe, nurturing and loving learning environment at the Great GWES.


Again, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the school at 410-396-1445. All of our staff is anxiously awaiting your arrival and we cannot wait to greet you on the blacktop on the first day of school.


Best Regards,


Christophe Turk, Principal

George Washington Elementary School

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