Greetings GeorgeWashington Elementary School (GWES) Families,

 I hope everyone is doing well, keeping in good spirits and enjoying some memorable time with family andfriends. With the summer only weeks away from ending, it gives me greatpleasure to greet you as we eagerly await the beginning of what will be a great2014-2015 school year! Throughout the summer months, our staff has been workingdiligently to ensure that everything is fully prepared for our wonderful GWESstudents. As a staff, we are so thankful for the opportunity to educate yourchild; this is our passion and it fills our hearts with joy each and every day.The work of developing, nurturing, supporting and uplifting our students tofulfill their maximum potential as learners is our collective purpose. And asyour principal, I want to continue extending my deepest gratitude for youramazing support, as we believe our school is built on an essential, andstrongly rooted partnership among our staff, parents, students, extendedfamilies, community and business partners. Together, as one team, and oneschool family, we can ensure our children soar to incredible heights, andsucceed in every aspect of their schooling experience.
As we prepare for thebeginning of the school year, I want to share some updates and reminders toensure you have full access to all needed information prior to the first day ofschool. As always, please know we are here to support- and welcome anyquestion, concern or need you may have. Click Here to read the full welcome letter.

I want to emphasize howincredibly excited we are for the 2014-2015 school year! We eagerly await thereturn of our brilliant boys and girls, who inspire us each and every day. Theyare our future leaders of tomorrow- and we are so fortunate to work with themand each of you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please knowwe are just a phone call away. Have a safe and fulfilling rest of the summer-and we will see you all soon!


Best Regards,


Christophe Turk, Principal

George WashingtonElementary School



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