Dear Poet,

As your summer begins, take some time and reflect on all that you’ve accomplished this year. Think about how you’ve overcome challenges, faced some fears and learned things that you’ve never imagined. Remind yourself daily how fortunate you are to be in a 21st Century school where legacy runs deep. This is what I will be doing.

Dunbar is a great school with a rich history of producing Poets of excellence in varying fields. And it will be up to you to maintain such a legacy of greatness – not for the sake of the school but for yourself. Think about how you can preserve that greatness. Think about what you can contribute to make Dunbar the envy of city schools. Think about who you can become to carry on the message and the legacy of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

There is a balance that we must all reach and maintain. Find that balance this summer. Have responsible fun and engage in some academic review. Pull out your notes and books. Teaching others is the best way to test how much you know and it will also help you retain the information you’ve learned.

This school year we learned beyond the classroom the effects of abusing social media. We must learn from those experiences and make every effort to choose a new path when confronted with similar situations. Don’t let the decisions of your youth taint the successes of your future. Think before you act.

In the coming weeks information will be sent to you and posted on our website and app about back-to-school preparedness. But in the meantime, be safe and enjoy your summer.


Tammy N. Mays

Tammy N. Mays, Principal

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