• Dear Dunbar,

         How you start is not always how you finish. We began this year with clear eyes and a determined heart. I believed that it would be an awesome and amazing year and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.
    This year has been a year of progress, gains and increases. There are signs of it all over the building and if you only look and listen, you’ll see it and hear it too. The Poets have shown significant gains academically and also as maturing young adults. The leadership and engagement of our Poets this year has been staggering to behold. The SGA, under the guidance of Mr. Sesenaya and Ms. Bell, organized Dunbar SGA’s first Black History Month Program “From Africa to East Baltimore.” Who didn't leave impressed, empowered and educated? The students took interest and ownership of town hall meetings--providing testimonials, takeaways and recommendations for future forums.
    This year also taught us how none of us who have a stake in Dunbar can take it’s existence lightly. We learned just how fragile and contingent our school is, but in the midst of that we also learned how tenacious and resilient Dunbar can be when put to the test. Out of the budget crisis emerged a beautiful relationship between administration and alumni and their respective alumni organizations. Ideas that branded Dunbar and were once cornerstones and treasured keepsakes are resurfacing. Our palace never looked so amazing until the alumni came and installed the trophy cases, followed by the updated teachers lounge and a much needed seating area in the foyer.
    But that’s not all I’d like to reflect on. I’m looking at the amazing accomplishment of PLTW’s Jordan Pope who will compete nationally in California and defend his engineering project; the work product of the first year students in the new P-TECH program; the winning streak the JV basketball team had; Dunbar becoming environmentally conscious and our school going green; the track team’s performance; how Jorden Pryor dominated in wrestling; how the school store has new life; and the installation of a nursing program set to begin next year.
    To look back is to see all the progress that we’ve made and we certainly have made some. But it should also remind you of what you have to look forward to and for. And what I’m seeing for next year is a stronger, more robust, academically proficient, athletically dominant, artistically magnificent and collaboratively prescient staff, students and supports for Dunbar. I see a school that will be undisputedly the premier school for health professions. With every day that passes, I know that we are becoming that school. We ended this year as One Dunbar, Poet Strong. Thank you for another year of determination, dedication and dependability. Poet Pride,
    Tammy N. Mays Principal