A Big Shout Out to the REACH! family
during the summer of 2014!!!!!

I hope that everyone has had a great
summer! I expect that everyone
participated in some type of learning
over the summer to keep your minds
fresh. Our teachers and administrators
have and we look forward to using that
new found knowledge in the classrooms this fall.

We welcome all the 7th through 12th
graders back that attended here last year
and we look forward to meeting all the
new students that will be attending REACH!
for the first time. Our school year starts on
August 25thand first period starts at 8:45 a.m.
The building will open at 8:15 a.m. for breakfast.
Please look for the sign directing students to
a new entrance this school year.

Our focus this year will be on rigorous
instruction and student engagement and
motivation in the lessons . Everyone will
be expected to attend school regularly, complete
all assignments to the best of their ability, and
behave appropriately so that all students can
engage in meaningful work. We look forward
to valuable relationships with our parents and
community members as we also plan for a
new 21stCentury school building in the next
few years.

To our rising class of 2015 – we look
forward to a great senior year and many
fantastic memories.