Welcome to MATHS Charter School!

The Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences (MATHS), is a Baltimore City public charter school serving students in grades 6 -12. In 2006, MATHS was the first charter school with a high school program approved in the State of Maryland.

MATHS is proud of the high level of dedication of its teachers, staff and families in supporting each student in their quest to achieve their fullest potential.

This is just one of the many reasons why our school is an excellent place to get a middle and high school education in Baltimore City. We invite you to review our website and contact us directly to learn more about our program.
Executive Director Rebekah S. Ghosh, the Board of Directors and Administration, welcome Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot to MATHS.
The forensics class will visit the Baltimore City Crime Lab on Tuesday, September 30. 
MATHS students register to vote!