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Ms. Carnes

Dear Claremont High School Student: 

We are happy to have you as a member of our school family as we begin our new school year.  You are now officially a member of the class of 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019.  We are committed to seeing to it that you walk across the stage as a graduate at the appointed date and time.  Our school-wide goals and expectations include: 

(1)   improved attendance and achievement levels

(2)   improved communications between school and home

(3)   increased opportunities for enrichment

(4)   enhanced technology to support instruction  

We, the faculty and staff of Claremont High School, welcome you into an environment full of support and full of love.  We are keenly aware of the challenges that you face in and outside of school as you pursue your high school education, and we want you to understand that we are here for you.  

We have the competence, the commitment, and the compassion to guide you to a successful future.  All we ask in return is that you (a) come to school everyday, (b) come prepared to work with the necessary tools for learning and your assignments completed, (c) put forth your best effort, and (d) conduct yourselves in ways that bring honor to your family, your school, your community and to the rich heritage that you possess.
We have plans for every student to have additional opportunities to exercise his/her creative gifts and talents.   This year, we are raising the bar “Even higher" to move student achievement, parental involvement, attendance and an overall sense of success for our students and our school. 

We wish for you a safe and productive school year.  Should you run into any difficulties, do not suffer in silence--no matter what the challenge is, let us know so that we can help you.   


Kamala Carnes
Your  Principal